Tribute to priests who celebrate 50 and 25 years of priesthood

Grateful tribute, on the day of San Juan de Ávila, to the priests who celebrate 50 and 25 years of ministerial priesthood. It has taken place in the monastery of Santa Clara de Moguer in the context of the coexistence that, chaired by the bishop de Huelva, was celebrated this morning on the occasion of the festivity of San Juan de Ávila, patron saint of clergy Spanish

The diocesan clergy has celebrated this May 10, the feast of San Juan de Ávila, a day of coexistence that has taken place in the monastery of Santa Clara in Moguera. The morning began with a moment of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament that consisted of praying the Intermediate Hour of Sixth and a meditation, in light of the patron saint, which was directed by the diocesan delegate for the clergy, Manuel Jesús Carrasco Terriza.

In this address, the delegate wanted to remind those present that “the priesthood, like life, is a gift and a task” inviting them to accept the ministerial gift “to become, each day more fully, another Christ in the midst of the world” . Thus, landing in the daily reality of the priest and the deacon, he has exhorted them that “the Holy Spirit finds you by putting the necessary means so that that fullness can be given to you”, paraphrasing Picasso – “may the muses find you working” –.

At the conclusion of this first moment, the clergy moved to the room of the old infirmary of the monastery, where an act of homage was held to the priests who celebrate their ministerial golden anniversary this year (Francisco Echevarría Serrano, Ángel Manuel Rodríguez Castillo and the Salesian José Manuel Melgar González) and those who celebrate their silver anniversary (the presbyters Francisco Pérez Zambrano and José Antonio Martín de la Torre, and the permanent deacon Juan García García). All of them have been presented with a sculpture of the Good Shepherd made by the Palmerian sculptor Martín Lagares.

The priest Ángel Manuel Rodríguez Castillo has thanked, on behalf of the priests who celebrate 50 years as priests, he has expressed that “by the grace of God one is here, overflowing with gratitude, for everything that God has given me in these years” , and has read a beautiful poem written for the occasion, a prayer of thanks for «so many times that You have forgiven me, | you have become a presence in my hands, | that you have used my poor and cracked voice | and you have become a savior mystery for me | you have already filled my brothers with peace | when my lips I absolve you tell them…».

For his part, the priest José Antonio Martín de la Torre has done the same on behalf of those who were turning 25 years old: «I thank God because this is a project that humanly overwhelms us, because I had my totally bourgeois priest project, but that God makes you a priest not as you want and the Lord is taking you…».

emotional tribute

The emotional act has culminated with the words of the bishop, Msgr. Santiago Gómez Sierra, who has asked “that we learn from our elders, because it is convenient to have memory to know where we come from, who we are and where we are going.” The Bishop asked all the clergy present “to return to that missionary spirituality that Saint John of Ávila puts before us today, who also thought of being a missionary and going to the new world and the Church called him to tell him your Indian women are these and, obeying , he deployed all his service in Andalusia, even suffering prison». Archbishop Gómez Sierra ended his words by thanking the honorees for “the testimony and example that they are for the entire presbytery.”

Then, the participants made a tourist visit to the monastery and ended the day with a fellowship meal in the monastery’s refectory.

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