‘Tribute to Elvis Presley Symphonic’, on October 23 at the Gran Teatro de Huelva

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A new show will stop on October 23, at 7:30 p.m., at Great Theater of Huelva: the ‘Elvis Presley Symphonic Tribute’. An event created in collaboration between the Bogart Group and the Columbian Huelva Orchestra in which the best songs of the King of Rock will be performed. A unique opportunity to enjoy music at the hands of two musical references in Huelva in a different version than the one Rock & Roll lovers are used to.

In the musical event, in which a total of 47 performers participate, attendees will be able to enjoy Elvis’s most recognized songs, such as ‘Can’t Falling in Love’, or ‘See See Rider’, among others. A unique opportunity to relive the legend of Rock & Roll, in a completely different way than what we are used to hearing, with a live Symphony Orchestra.

About the Bogart Group.

The Bogart Group, led by Huelva-born musician Jesús Roa, is a musical group from Huelva that has a long history. Its beginnings date back to 1990, when three friends got together to form the “Bogart Orchestra” with which they toured the province for a long period of time, putting music to different events.

A few years ago the group rethought its musical style and what began as an animation orchestra became a new group with new components paying tribute to songs from the 70s and 80s. With this formation they recorded two albums with the songs referrals. Taking into account the tastes, influences and musical concerns of its components, in 2020 they decide to create a show consisting of an Elvis Presley Tribute Concert. Since then there have been many concerts and successes they have achieved, currently being a benchmark for live music in Huelva and the province.

Currently the group is made up of Jesús Gallego, Miguel Cabrera, Jesús Roa, Lester García, Pepe Peinado and Manolo «Colín».

With the aim of continuing to bet on culture, live music and musical innovation, they contacted the Orquesta Colombina Huelva to perform the commented show and present it as a Symphonic Concert.

About the Huelva Colombina Orchestra

The Colombina Huelva Orchestra was founded in December 2018, given the inexistence of another similar musical formation in the city of Huelva. Currently, the staff has 53 regular musicians, from the province of Huelva in its entirety, aged between 15 and 28 years. All of them, under the direction of the young Pablo Arazo.

The Orquesta Colombina Huelva was founded with the aim of musically enriching Huelva, always betting on a repertoire of its own traditions in the city. That is why the Colombina Huelva is different from the other classical string formations that exist, given its wide repertoire in interpretation.

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