Tips for choosing the best sleeping position

Getting up in the morning with the feeling of not having slept well and feeling back pain, neck pain or even tingling in the hands has a lot to do with the posture we use when sleeping. It is something that we do naturally and that we do not stop to think about, but a good posture when sleeping will help us not only to have a better rest but also to have fewer back and neck problems.

Experts almost unanimously agree that there are some sleeping positions that are beneficial for restful sleep and others that are not at all. in this blogfor example, you can see tips for a good sleep, the most recommended sleeping positions, their benefits and everything about the world of sleep, such as curiosities or the most common disorders.

We are going to start with the positions that experts recommend avoiding, although they are some of the favorites of many people, especially the youngest: sleeping on your stomach and in the fetal position.

The latter is one that many people adopt quite naturally, especially pregnant women and those who snore too much. This position entails a significant curvature of the back, so it does not relax and pain or contractures can be caused. In addition, it restricts diaphragmatic breathing and the knees put pressure on the stomach.

But the worst sleeping position, by far, is on your stomach. This posture puts a lot of pressure on the organs, as well as on the joints and muscles. Back or neck pain is common in those who sleep on their stomach, among other things because experts say that with this position all night it is as if we had spent a quarter of an hour in a row with our neck bent.

better sleeping position

What are the postures experts recommend? Well, basically two: either face up or sideways, but leaning on the left arm better than the right.

Sleeping on your side has the positive effects of reducing stomach acidity and favoring lymphatic processes. And it is a great help with pregnancy, especially in the last months. In addition to resting and breathing better, this position benefits the fetus by increasing the nutrients and blood that reaches the placenta.

The second recommended position is sleeping on your back, which although it is good for the general population, it is not for pregnant women and people who snore.

If you are prone to contractures in your back, neck, or shoulders, this pose is ideal. The reason is very simple, because when we sleep on our backs, the spine stays straight and stretched. And if that were not enough, it is undoubtedly a perfect position for people who have reflux and other stomach problems.

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