This is the new mantle of the Virgen de la Bella de Lepe

The Municipality of Lepe has hosted this Thursday the presentation of the new mantle of the Blessed Virgin of the Beautifula beautiful piece that will become part of the trousseau of the Perpetual Patron and Mayoress of the municipality of Lepe and that, with great artistic value, will enhance the cultural heritage of the city of Lepe.

It is an initiative promoted by the auctioneers of the rod of the Day of the Beautiful 2019, made in the workshop of the young master lepero embroiderer Daniel Prieto and designed by the Granada-born artist Álvaro Abril. It is embroidered in gold on greyish-blue velvet and shows off a spectacular drawing inspired by the decoration of the dressing room of the Santo Domingo de Guzmán parish church that shelters the image throughout the year, as well as the gold drawings that adorn the Beautiful Virgin.

In the design, pebbles can be seen, highlighting the inlay of small natural mirrors and the thistles of the stews can also be seen, those drawings repeated over and over again that adorn the mantle, the wavy border that finishes off the veil of the tunic where it rests the foot of the child, some golden round five-pointed flowers that embellish the Sagrario candle, typical flowers of the month of May such as lilies and daisies; as well as the tuberoses of the month of August and a multitude of leaves and plant and floral elements that intertwine to complete the work.

Due to its characteristics, it is defined as a dressing room mantle, a short mantle that the Beautiful Virgin can wear in internal cults, during the novena or extraordinary kissing. It is worth noting the reference to the names of hundreds of people, devotees of the Beautiful Virgin, who hide in her embroidery and who will always be with Her, as a sign of the popular fervor towards the Patron. Selected materials and countless elements have been used to enhance an exceptional work that will remain for posterity.

The mayor of Lepe, Juan Manuel González, has presided over the presentation ceremony by the master embroiderer Daniel Prieto, who has had the presence of the older brother of the Brotherhood of La Bella, Francisco Toscano, auctioneers and promoters of the initiative, the Ntra. Sra. de la Bella chambermaid and members of the municipal government team.

This is the new mantle of the Virgen de la Bella de Lepe

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