They propose a PDO for white prawn, cuttlefish and anchovy from Huelva

Provincial party chairman By HuelvaJoaquín De la Torre, has claimed this Wednesday to the Government of the Junta de Andalucía create appellations of origin (PDO) «in order to defend and differentiate Huelva’s most important products, such as white shrimpthe choco and the anchovy«.

For De la Torre, “the Huelva fishing sector symbolizes one of the main axes of our Huelva production fabric, and as such we must protect it against external competition of lower quality and against a sector that is increasingly captive of European arbitrations”.

“There are many problems that the province’s fishing sector must address, since the international pressure exerted by other countries in the distribution of quotas according to species increases the risk and uncertainty of a highly stressed market in recent years. The different types of fishing and products in the province, whether purse-seine or trawling, are very limited and depend on a delicate political balance that, year after year, highlights the risk of a key sector for the Huelva economy,” he adds.

Thus, from Por Huelva they assert that “Huelva has to bet on and defend fishing with a designation of origin and not let other territories appropriate our products, as has already happened with the Sanlúcar de Barrameda shrimp, which is actually fished in Huelva waters. and it should appear as a symbol of Huelva, together with the cuttlefish, the anchovy or the white prawn».

For all this, continues De la Torre, “we will demand from the Andalusian Parliament that the Government of the Andalusian Government request and support the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for the creation of three protected designations of origin for Huelva products: shrimp white, cuttlefish and anchovy from Huelva».

«This differentiating advance will allow us to make a qualitative leap in the assessment and identity of our star products, as was already done with the Jabugo Ham or the Condado de Huelva Wine. Only in this way can we value more than 100 years of history and create our own brand against third parties, and that the millions of citizens who consume our products know where they come from and the quality we offer », he concludes.

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