They denounce the situation of Residencial Macarena

The group of PP in the City Council of Almonte will present at the next Full a motion in which he will request that the agreement that the Consistory approved in 2003 and that was ratified by the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia in 2008 be executed once and for all. This agreement obliged a resident of the Macarena residential, in Matalascañas, to vacate within 10 days the land that had been appropriated, a public pedestrian path that was fenced off for private use and that is the alternative to the only access available to an urbanization made up of 187 homes.

“These almost 200 families live with great concern as a result of the lack of accessibility presented by the homes they once acquired,” explains the president of the popular Almonteños, Miguel Ángel Jiménez, who a few days ago was able to verify the dimension of the problem to neighbors request. A problem that extends to the more than 400 homes located in sector K of the Almonte coastal area.

When that happened, the development was accessible from all around its perimeter. But later the golf course was built and this left the urbanization completely fenced off, which came to have only two entrances: one at the southeast end, which represents the only exit and entrance to the housing complex; and another in the southwest, which was occupied by the aforementioned neighbor and which, since then, has been fenced off and impassable.

The owners went to the City Council in 2003 to receive the corresponding protection “given the obvious security problem of having a single exit, to top it all located at one end of the residential, which would make it extremely difficult for the residents to evacuate in the event of any accident. ”. But it is also that, in addition, the long distance that separates the houses located in the extreme west of the exit means that its neighbors have to use their vehicles to, for example, go to the beach, collapsing the parking area of ​​Caño Guerrero, ” when they could easily go on foot if the access that is now fenced could be used.”

The problem of Residencial Macarena for 20 years

“The local administration cannot continue to turn a deaf ear to this neighborhood demand because that attitude can endanger the lives of the neighbors”, that “despite having two weighty elements such as an agreement by the Governing Board and a ruling of the TSJA, they have been waiting for almost 20 years for a fence to be removed, a simple fence, and an access that exists and is perfectly available to be enabled”, highlights Jiménez, who clarifies that although “in past times the golf course was in use and that made the solution difficult, at present the land is unoccupied and is owned by the City Council. Something that makes it easier to respond to this neighborhood demand”.

“We understand that this situation being experienced by the residents of Residencial Macarena and by extension of sector K, is unfair and therefore we should end the 20 years of concern and discomfort that this group of citizens has been suffering.” “The fact that in Matalascañas there is, in the 21st century, such a populated urbanization with only one access is reckless, that is why we will take a proposal to the next plenary session with the intention of finding a solution”, affirms the president of the PP de Almonte, who also warns that the existence of the golf course should not be an obstacle, in any case, for the second access to be enabled, since “the safety of the population is far above any other interest of the type that be”.

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