They are looking for a van that caused an accident in Punta Umbría

The Local Police of Punta Umbria has requested the citizen collaboration to locate the driver of a van which caused a serious accident last Wednesday, July 20.

As reported by the Police Corps through its social networks, the event occurred around 11:00 a.m., on Ciudad de Huelva avenue in the municipality, at the height of the MAS supermarket, when the driver of a motorcycle slipped as a result of oil spilling from a white van with an open rear door, according to witnesses.

No one was able to see the license plate or other data and, unfortunately, the spill is lost at the beginning of the A-5050 in the direction of ElPortil, so the agents ask if anyone knows or could see the aforementioned white van circulating along Ciudad Av. of Huelva or surrounding roads, collaborate.

“We ask that anyone who has any information of interest please contact the Police by any means. The data of the person who can provide some truthful information will be treated confidentially, “they conclude.

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