These are the performances of the Moguer Flamenco Festival

Jose MerceÁngeles Toledano, El Pecas and the dancer Joaquín Grilo will be the stars of the XLVIII edition of the Moguer Flamenco Singing Festival which will be held on July 9 at the Caseta de la Peña Cante Jondo, “La Parrala” Fairgrounds, starting at 11:00 p.m.

Organized by the Diputación de Huelva and the Moguer City Council, and with the collaboration of the Peña de Cante Jondo de Moguer, the festival has established itself as one of the great events of the Flemish in the province of Huelva. The person in charge of presenting the festival will be the journalist Ana Gil and the price of tickets will be 15 euros.

The vice-president of the Diputación de Huelva, Juan Antonio García, together with the mayor of Moguer, Gustavo Cuéllar, and the president of the Peña de Cante Jondo de Moguer, Ramón Ruiz, today presented the next edition of the Festival, which will pay homage to the guitarist Jose Maria de Lepe.

The vice president highlighted that “we are facing one of the most prestigious and representative festivals dedicated to flamenco in Andalusia, which makes it an unavoidable event for lovers of this art both inside and outside our province”. According to Juan Antonio García, “from the Diputación we have been supporting flamenco and fandango as a hallmark of the province and as the backbone of different festive ritual contexts”.

The mayor of Moguer, for his part, pointed out “that this event is among the first in the Andalusian and national festival circuits. One of the oldest and most beloved meetings with the largest cast of participation at the regional and national level”. Cuéllar thanked the Diputación for its support and highlighted the previous program prepared for the Flamenco Week, which will take place from July 1 to 7.

Tickets for the festival can be booked now via email [email protected] or by calling 629 068984. They can also be purchased in advance at the Peña booth at the fairgrounds every day from 7 to 9 p.m.

The trajectory of the Cante de Moguer Festival is marked by the art of the great names of flamenco. During these 48 years, figures such as Camarón -on four occasions- Miguel Poveda, Pitingo, El Lebrijano, El Cigala, Antonio Canales, Farruquito, Arcángel or Estrella Morente, among others, have passed through the festival.

José Mercé, Ángeles Toledano, El Pecas and Joaquín Grilo, at the Moguer Flamenco Festival

Presentation of the Moguer Flamenco Festival.

Poster for the Moguer Flamenco Singing Festival

Jose Merce

Undoubtedly the great master of current flamenco, an artist who has been able to convey like few others that flamenco is for everyone, taking it to maximum popularity without losing essence or depth. Since he began singing in his native Jerez in 1968, José Mercé has forged one of the most fruitful and long-lasting careers in the history of flamenco, and has known how to use his prodigious voice to break boundaries and schemes, without ever losing a single grain of truth in his art.

Angeles Toledo. We find ourselves before one of the great emerging figures of flamenco, an artist who, from her native Jaén, has conquered stages all over the world. Forged in the tradition of cante grande, Ángeles Toledado is capable of mastering her technique, adding the elegance and melismas of today’s voice to that line of pure cante. The usual flamenco in a fresh and young voice that moves her.

the freckles

Vicente Redondo “El Pecas” is one of the most complete and innovative artists of our land. With a great career that has taken him to stages all over the world both alone and accompanying the greatest singers and dancers, El Pecas continues to seek the symbiosis of flamenco with other musical styles, while always maintaining a commitment to tradition. which makes him an integral artist of the purest miscegenation.

Joaquin Grilo

The dance at this 48th Moguer festival is the work of Joaquín Grilo, one of our most international artists, known and recognized throughout the world for the uniqueness and quality of his productions. Born in Jerez but universal in his art, Grilo is also one of the most innovative choreographers of the moment, although he maintains all the duende and energy of the purest dance. The movements full of plasticity of this superb bailaor come out naturally from his body, surprising him with his strength and emotion until he becomes the flag of the best flamenco.

Tribute to José María de Lepe

The Moguer Flamenco Song Festival pays homage this year to one of the best flamenco artists in our province, the guitarist, singer and composer José María Rodríguez Gómez, the endearing “Jose María de Lepe”. Born in Lepe in 1953, he is the nephew of Paco Toronjo, whom he accompanied on guitar on numerous occasions, José María de Lepe has shared stages with artists such as José Mercé, Carmen Linares, La Niña de Huelva, and Chano Lobato, among others. He also participated in the film ‘Sevillanas’ by Carlos Saura.

Collaborating with the initiatives of the Peña de Cante Jondo de Moguer for decades, José María has always shown great generosity and involvement with the Moguer entity, which has earned the respect, admiration and recognition of the entire great flamenco family of the city of the poet, which pays him this well-deserved tribute by dedicating the 2022 edition of its festival to him.

The Moguer Flamenco Cante Festival will be the final touch to the Flamenco Week that will take place from July 1 to 7 with free performances for all audiences in unique spaces and monuments in the historic center of Moguer. Performances by Rosario ‘La Tremendita’, María Canea, María Marín or a conference by Ramón Arroyo are some of the planned activities. Flamenco Week is financed by the Flamenco Comes from the South program and by the Moguer Culture Foundation itself, and also has the collaboration of the Peña de Cante Jondo de Moguer, which organizes two of the activities.

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