These are the concerts for the Colombinas and the Fiestas de la Cinta 2022

The Deputy Mayor for Culture Huelva City CouncilDaniel Mantero, has fully involved the city in the demanding competition to offer the best cultural programming, converting the concerts of Columbian and the tapein an authentic music festival, whose free character will mark the difference with the great events of the summer at a national level.

The best tours of the music scene will pass through Huelva in the months of August and September, “but here they can be enjoyed with free admission, becoming a new tourist attraction in the city.” Because Huelva, as Mantero explained, “is going to be included, for example, in the European tour of the legendary British band Texaswhich is celebrating the 30th anniversary of ‘Southside’, its debut album from 1989 and it is true that it will compete with the StarliteMarbella or the Chiclana Concert Music Festival, but here we will offer a free and open concert”.

And together with Texas, more than 30 top-level concerts, with figures such as Rayden, Fangoria, Ana Guerra, Nil Moliner, Coque Malla, Ángelus Apátrida, Kid Andersen, Nancys Rubias, Columpio Asesino, Dvicio, Los Zigarros or Juan Perro among many others.“to cover all styles, all tastes, under the common denominator of turning music into a public service for the city”.

In this way, the Deputy Mayor for Culture has presented “the largest Free Music Festival at the national level, the Huelva Music Festival, Summer 2022, which will be divided into two periods, corresponding to Las Colombinas and La Cinta”. From July 29 to August 3, “in a Columbian Venue that this year doubles its main stages, to offer two focuses of attention, like festivals, where music will be offered uninterrupted until dawn.”

But in addition, “together with the greats of the national and international music scene, we will give the prominence and the place they deserve to our local bands and artists, who for the first time, will share the stage as equals.” While the second cycle of the Huelva Music Festival will coincide with La Cinta, from September 6 to 8.


The premiere will take place on Friday, July 29 with a night dedicated to Rap, by Rayden, one of the most important artists of the genre, who has transcended his status as a singer to become a benchmark as a musician and writer and arrives to Huelva to present his latest work, Lloreria Street.

Then, to maintain the level, Lokoplaya, the Canarian rap trio, fresh and young, has become a musical phenomenon capable of responding to the demands of the younger public, willing to have a good time in Colombinas. And together with them, to close the night, Waltrapa, the group from Huelva, which fuses rumbas with swing and this year premieres works with themes such as infected from you either I have to smile.

On Saturday, July 30, Huelva will be the center of attention as it receives Texas, the legendary band of the 90s with more than 40 million records sold worldwide, led by Sharleen Spiteri. But the night will continue hand in hand with Aurora & The Betrayers, with the blackest rock sounds of this peculiar national band. The finishing touch on Saturday will be provided by Eiden, rock from Huelva, after the international and the national, which will premiere a new formation in Colombinas.

On Sunday, July 31, Huelva receives the musical phenomenon Ana Guerra, a Canarian singer and songwriter from the OT School who will present her tour what i never told you. And continuing with the TOP, NIL MOLINER, the Spanish singer-songwriter who swept the younger audience last summer with his success Freedom and now he presents his new tour Our madness. Closing the night will be Los Activos, the mythical group from Huelva, born in the neighborhood of El Torrejón, an exponent of the fusion of flamenco with other root music.

On Monday, August 1, the Huelva City Council guarantees the funniest and craziest night of Las Colombinas 2022 with a complete program that brings together Nancys Rubias, Fangoria and Ladilla Rusa, “for a night of authentic partying and fun”.

On Tuesday, August 2, another great visit Huelva, Coque Malla, a benchmark for rock and indie in this country, a musician accustomed to filling large stadiums who brings his new tour to the capital of Huelva The journey of the giant astronaut. After him, a change of third to receive one of the groups “that we are sure more people from outside our borders will attract to our Music Festival”, Ángelus Apátrida, without a doubt, one of the most relevant groups of the native metal rock, which Cenizas del Eden will follow, “to show that in Huelva we also know how to do quality transmetal”

On Wednesday, August 3, Huelva’s Big Day, the main stage of Las Colombinas will surrender to Argentina, “our flamenco benchmark who will have the opportunity to demonstrate our Latin roots by presenting ‘Idilio’, his latest work where he bets on fusion with Cuban music”. And behind her, Kid Andersen Blues Band, the band led by the Norwegian guitarist based in the United States and who has become a blues benchmark, sharing the stage with the best of the genre.

But beyond the two main stages, Mantero has pointed out that “the music will spread throughout Las Colombinas, concentrating a wide range of our local artists in the Municipal Booth to show our traditions of copla, flamenco, but also son and bolero. from the hand of La Moni, Los Marismeños, Regina, La Cubanía, Alfonso Sánchez and Domingo Manguara.


And in September, with La Cinta, the second Cycle of the Huelva Summer 2022 Music Festival, from September 6 to 8, presents “a new irresistible and first-class musical offer, on two well-differentiated stages, between La Orden and La Merced” .

On Tuesday, September 6, La Merced premieres Columpio Asesino, the national band with a recognized track record, a benchmark for the indie, rock and punk scene; which will be followed by Oscar Fuego, “our benchmark DJ and showman from Huelva”.

Meanwhile, La Orden will surrender to Paco Candela, without a doubt one of the greatest exponents of Sevillian and Andalusian folklore who is coming once again to the city, with his new tour walk through the eternal; and then Andrés Pérez Parra, an artist from Huelva with several works under his belt who takes the stage for the first time at the Fiestas de La Cinta with his latest work where he mixes soul and jazz with flamenco.

On Wednesday, September 7, two main courses, “competition in La Orden and La Merced, although of very different styles”. In La Orden, Dvicio, the Latin pop quintet from Madrid, which is all the rage among teenagers; in front of Los Zigarros, the Valencian rock band with a long history behind them opening for greats like The Rolling Stones or Fito & Fitipaldis.

Closing the night at La Orden will be Josemi García, the singer from Huelva who has stood out with his extraordinary voice on the television program land of talent; and in La Merced, Se Permitn Submarinos, the group from Huelva made up of three musicians who combine rock with flamenco and folk music that “remind us of our legendary Triana or Alameda”.

Finally, on Thursday, September 8, “we closed our music festival in a big way, how could it be otherwise, taking Santiago Auserón, or better known as Juan Perro, the founder of the mythical band Radio Futura, who has developed a very prolific solo career and presents her latest work in Huelva Freedom”.

32 concerts in totalas Mantero has said, “the largest Free Music Festival, at least in the Western South, which is held in Huelva this summer to invite all audiences to enjoy the city”.

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