The UNIA hosts the VII Multilingualism Fair 2022

The UNIA hosts the VII Multilingualism Fair 2022, with the participation of more than 70 teachers from Huelva. The exhibition will have 19 information stands from different institutions and educational centers in the province

The territorial delegate for Education and Sports in Huelva, Estela Villalba, attended this afternoon at the La Rábida headquarters of the International University of Andalusia (UNIA) to the 2022 Multilingualism Fair, organized by the Huelva-Isla Cristina Teachers’ Center and by the Territorial Delegation. This edition has the participation of more than 70 teachers from the province.

Villalba has highlighted “the recovery of attendance on this occasion, consolidating itself as an initiative aimed at disseminating and sharing experiences and materials produced by our bilingual centers. It thus becomes a training space for teachers, which makes it possible to publicize the work carried out in the participating centers, disseminating good practices around the improvement of linguistic communication”.

The Fair began with a presentation on the ADIBE International Project, focused on attention to diversity in the bilingual classroom, by María Luisa Pérez Cañado, professor at the University of Jaén.

Then, the information stands of the 19 participating institutions and educational centers were visited. It shows, among others, the good practices carried out by educational centers related to the different programs in the field of foreign languages, internationalization and bilingual teaching in centers in the province of Huelva. These good practices cover all educational stages: from infant, through primary and secondary, to bilingual training cycles.

Among the stands present at this seventh fair, those related to successful programs stand out, such as: the Border Bilingual and Intercultural Schools Project (PEBIF) and the José Saramago Program, which aims to promote the teaching of Portuguese as a second foreign language. Two Primary Schools and seven Secondary Schools in the province are currently following this program: Due to the interest shown by the students and the dedication of the teachers in charge of the program, four more Primary Schools will be incorporated next year.

On the other hand, there is also the Confucius Classroom Program for the integration of Chinese as a foreign language, as well as its art and culture, in the Andalusian educational system. The IES Diego Guzmán y Quesada, which, since the 2020-2021 academic year, offers an international baccalaureate, is also the main center in the province of Aula Confucio and coordinates six other associated centers that teach Chinese language and culture as curricular teaching.

Another of the present programs is the one offered by the IES Alto Conquero, Bachiller-Baccalauréat ‘Bachibac’ double degree program. This is a program that offers Spanish and French students the possibility of obtaining the double Bachiller and Baccalauréat degree, thus accessing further studies and training and professional activity in both countries under advantageous conditions.

“Many of these centers of different educational stages, which today present their projects, are participating in one of the 70 Erasmus+ Projects in force in the province, allowing our students and teachers to enhance their language skills, learn about other cultures, improve the curriculum and have more professional opportunities”, highlighted Villalba.

UNIA hosts multilingualism fair 2022The Fair of the UNIA

The Minister of Education concluded this inaugural session by highlighting the efforts of the teaching staff involved in bilingual and multilingual projects and programs in the province, which is evident in these conferences and demonstrates that all languages ​​are considered equally important in the configuration diversity of Andalusian citizenship.

This fair continues tomorrow with a presentation on infallible guidelines for good bilingual coordination, by Concha Julián, professor at the IES Galileo Galilei in Dos Hermanas. The final touch will be the round table led by María José Álvarez Torres, provincial coordinator of Plurilingualism in Huelva, with representatives of the educational centers of the Huelva province that have been awarded regionally for their good bilingual practices such as the IES Diego Guzmán and Quesada and IES Alto Conquero in the capital, IES Doñana in Almonte and CPR Aderán 1 in Cabezas Rubias.

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