The strange case of a Cartaya family “teleported”

A “teleportation”. That is the strange and supernatural phenomenon that claims to have experienced a Family of Cartaya when he was traveling with his car from Cadiz towards Seville on the highway Y “suddenly we appeared on another road”.

This is how he explained it to the television program ‘four a day’ Isabel Oltra, mother of the family, who assures that he does not remember at what kilometer point it happened, but he does retain several details: “It was at night, around one in the morning, the girls were asleep behind. We went with all the tranquility of the world until, suddenly, we saw a truck coming from the front and the asphalt changed”, he commented.

When they realized it, they were at a point “where they didn’t know where they were”. They slammed on the brakes and pulled to the shoulder to analyze what had just happened to them.: “Where we are? What have we done? We never left the highway.”.

They do not know which road they ended up on

Today, They do not know which road they appeared on: “We don’t know, it was in very bad condition and very old. She had a lot of potholes and we have never been there in our lives”.

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