The reduction in quotas will benefit more than 60% of Huelva’s self-employed

The sub-delegate of the Government in Huelva, Manuela Parralo, has indicated that more than 60 percent of the nearly 30,000 freelancers from Huelva will benefit from the new quoting system for real income for these workers approved by the Council of Ministers, since “the majority of the self-employed in Huelva, as in the rest of the country, belong to the section that pays for the minimum base and they will be the great beneficiaries of this reform, which will gradually improving their conditions and reducing the expenses in the contribution”, he added.

Likewise, it has highlighted that the modification of up to 30 percent reduction in the quotas included in the reform for the self-employed with lower incomes, below the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI), “among which there are many young people and women”, they will pay installments between 200 and 260 euros per month in 2025 and has pointed out that that same year the average yield tranches will pay installments between 290 and 294 euros per month and those who earn more than 6,000 euros per month, 590 euros, as indicated by the Government Subdelegation in a press release.

“It is a more equitable, more egalitarian system with greater protection from Social Security, since it will improve income and ensure the future of the self-employed,” Parralo stressed, adding that “this is one more step, together with the Labor Reform, towards a new country model where the labor market is gaining space in terms of quality, stability and security thanks to the consolidation of decent working conditions for all workers».

New contribution system for the self-employed

The Royal Decree-law approved by the Council of Ministers establishes a new contribution system for self-employed workers, based on net returns, which will be calculated by deducting from income all expenses incurred in carrying out the activity and necessary to obtain income . On that amount, a deduction for generic expenses of seven percent is additionally applied – three percent for self-employed companies. The result will be the net yields and the corresponding fee will be applied to them.

Regarding the improvements in protection, Parralo has highlighted that the modalities of the cessation of activity are expanded “to improve the coverage of different contingencies”, such as a partial interruption of activity, and adapts to the self-employed “the protection it provides to wage earners the RED mechanism established in the labor reform».

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