The PSOE supports that Huelva mobilizes for a Maternal Child

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The PSOE He sees it as “fundamental” that Huelva mobilizes for a decent Mother and Child “and recover the project that the previous socialist Government of the Board in 2017 left approved, projected and something fundamental, fully agreed with health professionals.”

This has been indicated by the Secretary of Health of the PSOE Huelva, Lourdes Martín, who has stressed that the province deserves a Maternal and Child hospital “with all the guarantees, as do the rest of the Andalusian provinces. Huelva cannot be less and we have to fight for the best for this land”.

“Everything is prepared, everything is done. We do not understand why we have to come to this situation. What’s more, the PP promised and said that Huelva was going to have a Maternal Child and now they have made it clear that they do not have a worthy project for Huelva and want to get out of the way by acting with premeditation and treachery, because they have deceived and lied to this province, logically provoking the indignation of Huelva society”, he underlined.

For this reason, the socialist leader has stated that her formation “is going to join the concentration called by the association Huelva United for Public Health (ONUSAP), on September 29 at the gates of the Health Delegation, to demand a hospital Maternal Child public and worthy, like the rest of Andalusia.

Maternal child

In the opinion of the Secretary of Health of the Huelva PSOE, “Huelva is one of the Andalusian provinces most discriminated against by the Andalusian Government of the PP. Gone are his promises to open the Chares and to improve health for the province, at least the public one because from the private sector they have already arranged the 200 million euros for the private hospital Virgen de la Bella de Lepe, while with the Maternal and Child They want to make a mess.”

“That is why – Lourdes Martín has emphasized – that from the Socialist Party and from the institutions in which we are governing we are going to support all those actions aimed at demanding public health care, worthy and with all the guarantees for Huelva, as is the recovery and start-up of the 2017 Maternal-Child Project”.

“It is evident that we have to raise our voices because as the days go by, the PP in the Junta de Andalucía and, especially, its president, Moreno Bonilla, is losing the moderate mask and they are beginning to apply, making use of of its absolute majority, privatization policies to the detriment of public services”, he concluded.

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