The PSOE requires the Board to “look at Huelva” to invest

The PSOE of Huelva has asked the president of the Board, Moreno Bonilla, to “look at and take into account the province of Huelva when it comes to manage and distribute the highest figure in the history of the regional financing system of the State for Andalusia”, for which our community will receive more than 23,000 million euros in payments on account in 2023.

This has been revealed by the Huelva national deputy Pilar Rodríguez who has stressed that “Andalusia is in luck for that record amount that it will receive from the Government of Pedro Sánchez that, once again, complies with this land”.

That is why the socialist deputy has pointed out that “now it is up to the PP in the Andalusian Government to know how to manage and distribute that amount of State resources to benefit Huelva. He no longer has excuses to invest in our province, start to carry out the infrastructures he needs and improve public services, after an empty legislature in which he has fulfilled absolutely nothing of what he promised”.

For Pilar Rodríguez, “what we have experienced so far, with respect to our province, is that while the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, increases resources, the PP and Moreno Bonilla poorly manage or do not manage the funds from the State ”.

The PSOE asks the Board for responsibility to invest in Huelva

For this reason, the Huelva deputy demands responsibility and sensitivity from the PP in the Board, “as the central government is doing, which, from the first minute, and in its firm commitment not to leave anyone behind, has not stopped working on any moment to improve the resources of the Spaniards and the Spanish”.

Along these lines, he stressed that these PSOE measures in the central government represent 38.5 percent more resources for Andalusia than in the last five years of the previous PP Executive.

Likewise, Pilar Rodríguez wanted to highlight another significant fact, “and that is that the municipalities will also have 1,100 million euros more than in the 2022 financial year, the largest volume of financing in history, in another example of the firm commitment of Pedro Sánchez with local entities”, he concluded.

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