The PSOE is committed “to quality public health for all”

The PSOE of Huelva has announced this Tuesday its proposals to “guarantee quality public health for all” in Andalusia based on the elections regional elections on June 19 in the face of the wave of “privatization measures” that Moreno Bonilla’s Popular Party has launched in his more than three years of government in the Andalusian Government.

“The right has put a whole battery of privatization measures on the table so that health ends up being a business and only those who can pay for it can enjoy good health,” said the spokesman for the Provincial Executive Commission of the PSOE in Huelva and number two of the socialist candidacy for the Huelva province to the Parliament of Andalusia, Enrique Gaviño.

At the gates of the Virgen de la Cinta hospital center, the candidate gave as an example the fact that, in 2019, Andalusia ranked 16th among the autonomous communities that privatized services the most. “Three years later we are number six, we are only beaten by communities historically governed by the right such as Madrid or Galicia”, lamented Gaviño.

Another example pointed out by the spokesperson for the PSOE in Huelva is the concert at the Virgen de la Bella Hospital, which involves an investment of 200 million euros and a “five-year sentence for Chare de Lepe”, to which it must be added that Andalusia is the second autonomous community with the most health waiting list, explained Gaviño.

To this must be added that “they have dismantled public health, that they have reduced the staff of 12 health centers and emergency services in the province, that they have not recovered the 30 percent of the personnel that was needed for the defusion of the hospitals and that they do not make the Maternal and Child Hospital”, continued the candidate, who has defended “the project agreed upon with everyone when the Socialists governed in 2017: a newly built Maternal and Child Hospital with a wide portfolio of services that take care of our women already our girls and boys”.

With all this, “the PP has already described its commitment to health: whoever has money should pay for it and, whoever does not, should wait,” said Gaviño, who has contrasted these policies of the right with the commitments of the PSOE, which go through “strengthening health by allocating more than 7% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the Andalusian Budget to health policies and by a built-in commitment that in less than 48 hours there will be a response to an appointment request”, he specified.

The spokesman for the Provincial Executive of the PSOE has also addressed the issue of education, and has indicated, by the “privatization roadmap” of the PP. Specifically, Gaviño has referred to the financing system of public universities. “Moreno Bonilla has had to back down when everyone has called a halt to a system that subjects the University of Huelva to the danger of extinction, as the rector already said, who warned that with this system it would disappear in three years,” has apostilled

Faced with this, “we are committed to public education, so that more units do not disappear in schools and universities have fair financing and growth. Without a public university, we citizens cannot develop our capacities, so we are not going to allow the right to end that right to the same opportunities for all”, the socialist candidate has stated.

For all these reasons, Enrique Gaviño has conveyed to the public a “message of enthusiasm and renewed desire” for the upcoming Andalusian elections on June 19. “We present ourselves with renewed faces and illusions and all the strength of an exciting project headed by María Márquez in our province”, he remarked.

Lastly, number two on the Huelva PSOE list stressed that citizens have to choose on June 19 between “two very clear options: the right wing, which has already described its privatization roadmap protected by a message of hate, fear, tension in society and confrontations between one and the other; and the one on the left, with an excited and renewed PSOE and a clear roadmap: the defense of what is public”.

Along the same lines, the number three of the socialist candidacy of Huelva and secretary of Citizenship and Social Rights of the Andalusian PSOE, Susana Rivas, has declared, for whom “on the 19th the health professionals will speak out for the neglect they have suffered during the pandemic and after the pandemic by the Government of the Andalusian Government after all the effort they made to protect us in those difficult times.

“Once the Board promised to value that effort, the only thing it did was fire 8,000 health workers,” Rivas continued, after which he recalled that during the pandemic “health centers were closed and no work was carried out. the cleaning and disinfection of the same, for which the municipalities had to assume the powers of the Junta de Andalucía”.

PSOE’s commitment to public health

Finally, Rivas has regretted that the Junta de Andalucía has spent 771 million euros on private healthcare while it has not opened the Chare de Lepe or done anything in the rest of the province’s high-resolution hospital centers”, after which She has been convinced that, as of June 19, “we are going to stop the advance of the right and the extreme right in our land”, because “we are not going to allow those rights and equal opportunities to be lost”, it is finished.

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