The PSOE asks the Board for more water infrastructure

The Secretary of Waters of the PSOE of Huelva, Laura Pichado, has pointed out that “it is essential that a good water policy be carried out” and that “the Government of Moreno Bonilla takes note of the Government of Spain and does its homework to start up water infrastructure that this province needs for human consumption and purification”. This is how he referred to the purification works in La Palma del Condado, with an amount of 5.6 million, an important commitment of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

In attention to the media, together with the general secretary of the PSOE of La Palma, Rogelio Pinto, the socialist representative has stressed that no works are being carried out in the province of Huelva, despite the fact that they have been declared of general interest by the community, approved at the Governing Council on June 16, 2020. For more than two years, the hydraulic infrastructures that we need so much have not been put into operation.

“Specifically, -he remarked- this declaration of interest was focused on improving the water supply in the Sierra region. An improvement in supply that is currently very worrying because there are approximately fourteen municipalities that have time restrictions on water”.

In line with this, Pichardo has reproached the PP for continuing to sit idly by and not carrying out the works on the water ring”. Therefore, he has asked the Government of Moreno Bonilla to act once and for all and not turn its back on the province of Huelva. “We are waiting for the work of the water ring to begin, which has already been declared an emergency by the Andalusian Government, and also for new intakes to be made because part of the land in Huelva is left without the possibility of having a supply even if these works are carried out.”

The PSOE values ​​the Government’s infrastructure

For his part, Rogelio Pinto has valued the important hydraulic work that is going to be carried out in the treatment plant of La Palma del Condado. An extension for which the Government of Spain is going to allocate 5.6 million euros to improve and solve problems that we have been dragging along and, in addition, to adapt these water treatment infrastructures for the increase in population in the coming years.

After the agreement that was signed in November 2021, the Ministry of Ecological Transition has already put out this tender, a work that has a term of 18 months. “The Government of Pedro Sánchez shows with this commitment a great sensitivity with the situation of the waters in the province. Not only the distribution of water, but also the purification and conservation of the environment. We are going to have a treatment plant with more capacity and that can purify the water in the best conditions, always complying with European regulations”.

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