The PP accuses Cruz of losing 1.8 million funds for youth employment

The spokesman for the Municipal Group of the PP in the Huelva City Council, Jaime Perezaccompanied by the president of the Municipal Group, Pilar Marín, has appeared at a press conference to denounce that the government of Cruz has not submitted the application to the Andalusian Government to receive 1.8 million euros from the Youth Now Planwhose term ended on July 25, 2022. In this way, as the popular spokesman points out, “the laziness and apathy of the Cruz government means that more than 200 young people from Huelva lose the opportunity to have their first job.”

The popular have lamented that this is the second time that the Cruz government does not go to job calls from the Junta de Andalucía, for job creation programs. With the resignation of managing the Youth Now program, the city of Huelva loses 1.8 million euros, just as 2.1 million euros were already lost with the Air Plan in the midst of the COVID pandemic.

For the PP spokesman, the “irresponsible and lazy attitude” of Mayor Cruz and his employment manager is unspeakable. For Jaime Pérez “the mayor has become the big problem in the city of Huelva, because not only does he not recognize the problems we have, but he refuses to work to receive funds to fight unemployment, against poverty and to improve public services.

In this sense, the popular ones remember that the three main problems of Huelva are unemployment, poverty and the malfunction of public services. Jaime Pérez regrets that “we continue to have three serious problems with this municipal government that worsen every day, since the mayor is unable to present the documentation to receive funds for the fight against unemployment, unable to manage the funds from the ERACIS program for the fight against poverty, and unable to provide solutions to the malfunction of basic municipal services, such as cleaning or registration.

The popular ones warned the Cruz government in the budget debate of the need to attend the calls to obtain funds for the fight against unemployment. For Jaime Pérez “unfortunately, this is the second time that the mayor leaves the unemployed from Huelva stranded since in the midst of a pandemic Cruz rejected 2.1 million euros from the AIRE Plan, which was a serious mistake that shows disinterest, passivity and the laziness of his government.

The popular spokesman regrets that the Cruz government moves very well in the delay, the obstacles, the forgetfulness and the stoppages of projects either by action or by negligence with the malfunction of basic services such as activity licenses and urban works. .

Month of July «black» for Huelva

For the spokesman for the popular “it is confirmed that we are facing the sad end of the cycle of Mayor Cruz unable to bring order to a government marked by laziness, passivity and chaos as can be seen in his inability to solve the problems of Huelva” .

Thus, the popular Jaime Pérez indicates as examples of the mismanagement of the Cruz government: the renunciation of 3.9 million euros for the fight against unemployment, the low execution and the breaches of contracting of the ERACIS Plan in the fight against poverty, bureaucratic obstacles in projects to generate activity and development in Huelva such as those promoted by the Port of Huelva.

Added to this is the dirt on the streets, the delay in the execution of the works, the chaos in their planning, the fires at the head of Conquero, the abandonment of the Muelle del Tinto or the works at the Mirador del Conquero or of the Old Fountain and the slopes of the Conquero. For Pérez, “while Huelva was in chaos in July, the mayor has made two pleasure trips to Washington DC and to Safi, in Morocco”.

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