The Plenary awards a new contract to improve traffic

The Huelva City Council plenary session has approved this Wednesday, with the votes in favor of the Socialist Municipal Group, and the abstention of the rest of the groups, theadjudication of the contract of the maintenance, operation and conservation service of the traffic light installations and the Traffic Control Center, as well as horizontal and vertical signage and beacons in Huelva’s capital. A contract that, with an estimated value of 3.4 million euros, unifies, for the first time, all the services related to traffic management and signaling, introducing important improvements and novelties.

In this regard, the Councilor for Mobility and Citizen Security, Luis Albillo, has highlighted the importance of a contract that, with an execution period of six years, “offers us new mechanisms and benefits to speed up traffic and promote safe mobility and sustainable in our city, implementing smart solutions in accordance with the smart city project and advancing in the execution of the measures of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (PMUS)”.

Likewise, the Government Team has reported at the beginning of the plenary session of the mayor’s resolution, dated July 7, 2022, by which the General Budget of the City Council for the current year is considered definitively approved. A consolidated budget that amounts to 175,099,726.16 euros and represents an increase of almost 6 million euros compared to the 2021 accounts.

Opposition motions approved in plenary

On the other hand, in relation to the debate of the different motions, the Plenary has given the go-ahead, with the affirmative vote of all the municipal groups, except for Vox’s vote against, to the proposal presented by Mesa de la Ría de cara to the appearance of the City Council as a popular accusation in the proceedings scheduled 322/21 of the Court of Violence against Women, number 1, regarding the death of the Huelva chamberlain Alicia Rodríguez, who was allegedly run over by her partner, MQS, in Martos ( Jaen) in June 2021.

Likewise, unanimously by all the members of the Plenary, the opinions presented by the municipal group Ciudadanos and Mesa de la Ría have been approved in order to carry out different improvements in the Pescadería neighborhood. And, in the same sense, with the unanimity of those present, the opinion presented by Vox to undertake different actions in the Balbueno and Vicente Yáñez neighborhoods has gone ahead.

Also, with the vote in favor of all those present, the Plenary has endorsed the opinion of the Vox, in which the Junta de Andalucía is requested that in the next award of places for assistance in day centers for people with dependency, disability and TEA attention, increase the number of concerted places for the city centers.

Unanimously, the municipal plenary has adopted the proposal of the municipal group of the PP so that Huelva opts to be the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency, urging the central government to establish the future headquarters and offering the necessary land, as well as requesting the support of the Council of Government and the Parliament of the Junta de Andalucía.

Likewise, with the approval of all the groups, except for the abstention of the non-attached councilor, Jesús Amador, the creation and promotion by the City Council of the Huelva lo Merece Platform has been agreed, at the request of Citizens, to claim before all the administrations the infrastructures and investments necessary for the city.

The proposal of Councilor Néstor Manuel Santos in which the replacement of part of the trees that harms citizens is requested has been supported by all the members of the Plenary except those of Vox. And, finally, the Plenary has approved, with the abstention of Mesa de la Ría, the proposal of the non-attached councilor, Jesús Amador, to implement a specific prevention protocol against high temperatures in the City Council.

The Plenary awards a new contract to improve traffic in Huelva

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