The Juan Ramón cafeteria, sanctioned twice for failing to comply with the working day

CCOO Huelvathrough the General Secretariat of Services, has filed several complaints to the Labor and Social Security Inspection to the company Faludain SLawardee of the cafeteria of the Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital of the capital, for repeated breach of labor standardsincluded in the Huelva Provincial Collective Bargaining Agreement.

“Workers have been far exceeding 40 hours a week for several years, working up to 9 hours a day for 6 days a week, that is, doing 54 hours a week. This supposes the performance of 14 overtime hours each week that is neither paid nor compensated in breaks, ”explains the general secretary of the provincial services union, Juan Carlos Liébana.

Thus, Liébana has lamented that “despite the fact that the Labor Inspectorate on two occasions has drawn up a record of serious and very serious infraction against the company, the employer continues to ignore his workers, taking advantage of the fact that in many cases it is the only livelihood that enters families.

In this sense, Liébana has stressed that “we have requested a hearing with the labor inspectorate in order to know the evolution of the reported events and to seek a solution for the workforce. And she has clarified that “we are studying the possibility of filing a complaint with the prosecution to investigate the facts as a continued crime against the rights of workers.

The trade unionist went on to say that “those 56 extra hours, which workers are forced to do because it is imposed by the employer, they are not paid, they are not compensated, but they are also not paid into Social Security, resulting in a fraud before this organism”. Because, “when a company fails to comply with the agreement, it not only commits fraud against its staff, but also enters into unfair competition with other employers who do comply with current legislation,” said the union official.

Likewise, Juan Carlos Liébana, has clarified that “from the Provincial Union the management of the Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital has been informed of the situation so that it can take measures, because we understand that as the main company “it has responsibility”. They have attended us, and have met with the company, but nothing has changed. It should be noted that the Cafeteria is a concession from the Junta de Andalucía to the company Faludain SL, whose validity has been fulfilled for several years, waiting to put out the concession again to determine its future management.

Lastly, the general secretary of the Provincial Services Union of the CCOO in Huelva, Juan Carlos Liébana, stated that “the workers have communicated in writing to the company that from May 2022 they would work 40 hours per week, and the company has ignored, so we reserve the right to undertake whatever actions we deem appropriate so that these workers are respected the maximum working day legally permitted in Spain, which is 40 hours. It is surreal that we have to demand that the law be followed.”

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