The Irrigation Platform asks for water for the transfer

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The Platform in Defense of County Irrigation has requested today that it be clarified if there is going to be enough water for the transfer to the County and that the Law Proposal (PDL) to return the historic lands in the region.

This has been explained by the spokesman for the Platform in Defense of Irrigation in the County, Julio Díaz, before the media, who has begun assessing that a date be set at the start of the works for the unfolding of the San Silvestre tunnel, necessary, among other uses (urban and industrial, too), so that the transfer reaches the County. Despite, he has said, that “it comes a year and a half late.”

“The works are going to start with many doubts and unknowns,” said the spokesperson for the farmers, who clarified that “it is not true that 20 m3/second will pass, because the environmental report limits it to just half.” For this reason, as he has argued, “in practice, once the works are carried out, the same flow will pass as now. This is a burden for farmers, because it limits the transfer”.

For this reason, the farmers “are going to demand that all the flow that the transfer has pass through because the current one does not comply with the Transfer Law approved in 2018.”

On the other hand, he has indicated that “nothing has been said about the complementary works, which are necessary for the transfer to be activated.” Everything happens, in the opinion of the agricultural sector, “very slowly”, since “the works attached to the transfer could have been budgeted, which are also in the law that was approved”.

“We want the main tunnel to be in service and not disappear when the new one is built, so that it adds to the new one, but also so that it brings water to the County,” he explained.

Historic lands in the County

Another of the issues that the spokesman has dealt with has been the start of a round of meetings with the political formations with parliamentary representation so that the bill on historic lands in the County is activated again. On Friday September 23 is the first meeting with the PP. “We are going to ask you for something very specific: to re-register the PDL to modify the Doñana Crown Plan”. Because, in the opinion of the farmers, “it’s about consistency, it’s something they’ve done before, they give us a deadline and a schedule of actions that will give peace of mind and legal certainty to some farmers who are having a hard time because of a plan that it was badly designed and worse executed”.

“The shortest path, he assured, is that of the Andalusian Parliament”, a matter that will also be discussed next week with VOX in another work meeting.

In the previous legislature, Díaz recalled, “it was just at the end, with a very clear and definitive text, everyone who had something to say said it and we believe that Parliament is the place to legislate on this matter.”

Irrigation water transfer platform

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