The IES Alonso Sánchez closes its Erasmus+ project with a visit to Vienna

The draft Erasmus+ of European educational exchanges “The place, where we live — the cultural heritage of our hometowns” has made possible the visit of ten students and three professors of the IES Alonso Sanchez from the capital to the Bhakwien Institute in Vienna. The participants have already returned, after an intense experience that has lasted a week.

Two teachers and ten students from the Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore Majorana in Italy, in addition to the Austrian hosts, have also participated in the visit, so the activity has included a total of 49 people.

Huelva students have carried out different workshops and excursions, including attending a performance at the Vienna opera. This has allowed them to approach the local traditions of the hosts and develop curricular materials related to the objectives of the project.

The territorial delegate for Education and Sports, Estela Villalba, points out that “quality teaching requires continuous participation in cultural activities” and highlights the involvement of Andalusian teachers in this regard. “Attending a performance at the Vienna Opera House will be something they won’t forget. It’s great to be able to provide these opportunities to our scholars,” she adds.

Erasmus+ project for European educational exchanges

The project, which has a duration of three years, is coordinated by the Austrian center, and includes weekly stays in each of the participating countries, of which this is the first of them. The stay system is shared accommodation with families of students from the same program.

The initiative focuses its attention on the importance of the culture and historical heritage of European countries. To do this, young people immerse themselves in cultural and historical aspects of the cities they visit and present. Each of the scheduled visits has dealt with a specific theme, all of them related to Cultural Heritage.

The IES Alonso Sánchez has been a bilingual center in English for twelve years and has ESO, Baccalaureate, Training Cycles and Adult Education. This Erasmus+ project comes on top of another three-year project coordinated by a German center on “tradition and trends”, in which institutes from Italy, Latvia, and Germany also participate.

In this school year, 79 projects are in force in the province with a global budget of 1,052,642 euros. IES Alonso Sánchez obtained the necessary Erasmus+ accreditation to be able to participate in these European programs last year, and it is valid for seven years.

The IES Alonso Sánchez closes its Erasmus+ project with a visit to Vienna

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