The HUEX Non Stop opens registration for its first edition

The renewed brand HUEX MTB has launched 500 numbers for its exclusive Non Stop test, a titanic challenge that will be held on October 28, 29 and 30 involving more than forty municipalities in the province of Huelva. The route, in the absence of defining details in some sections, will have about 460 kilometers and 8,000 meters of positive elevation gain.

Thus, the town of Cartaya It will house the start and finish of this spectacular circular route that will be divided, in turn, into 9 sections. The test is organized by the TerraIncognita Group and sponsored by the Huelva Provincial Council with the aim of publicizing the many attractions that the different regions of the province of Huelva have for mountain bike lovers.

A necessary and key division to understand the regulations of the HUEX Non Stop. And it is that the competition format offers several options to cyclists: individual participation or by teams of two, three or four members. In this case, each member of the team must complete a minimum of sections, although the strategy to be followed in each case will be free for each team, so that the same cyclist can ride several consecutive sections. In addition, the route will not be signposted, so it will be necessary to use navigation devices to discover the circuit.

Another of the attractions of the event is that it will be a semi-self-sufficient test: only at the end of each section will the organization provide the runner with supplies. Therefore, in the rest of the intermediate points of each section, cyclists must be self-sufficient. To facilitate the strategy, the figure of the assistant has been created, a team leader who, in coordination with the technical direction of the race, will be able to offer technical maintenance, hydration, food or remove the cyclists themselves in case of abandonment.

“We want to offer a different and wild experience, a race in which, in addition to the resistance that is presupposed to all Mountain Bike tests, other factors come into play such as the team’s strategy to organize the relays, the management of the rest and even from fatigue itself. That is why we are committed to this HUEX Non Stop as a complementary challenge to the HUEX Extreme that we already held last May.

We know of the passion that exists both in Huelva and throughout Andalusia for this sport and we are convinced of the attractiveness of this new competition. In addition, for safety, all cyclists will have a geolocation device that will accompany them at all times”, says Felipe Toledo, from Terraincognita Sport.

Registration is now available on the official website of the event at a price of €150 in the individual mode, €80 in the pair mode, €70 in trios and €60 in the team mode (four members). The maximum number of seats is 500 in total.

Thus, together with the HUEX Extrema in May and the Non Stop modality in October, the offer is completed with HUEX 360º, a digital platform from which you can access the official routes of both tests and do them at any time of the year. The aim is to promote tourism in the province of Huelva through a popular sport such as Mountain Biking.

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The new HUEX Non Stop opens registration for its first edition

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