The Huelva Festival opens a new space: Cine Club

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The Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival, which will celebrate its 48th edition from November 11 to 18, has launched a new cinematographic proposal, continuing with the programming work beyond the festival week, as it did with the recent summer cinema. Is about cinema clubin which between September 29 and November 3, will be screened seven Ibero-American and European productions with an outstanding track record in awards and festivals.

The director of the Festival, Manuel H. Martín, explained that it is “a wink for cinema that we want to have with the spectators of Huelva and with the national competitions with which we share objectives, such as the dissemination of Ibero-American and European cinematography” . The purpose is “to complement Huelva’s cultural program with quality cinematographic content beyond our Festival week”.

Movies to be screened

In this way, the Cine Club of the Huelva Festival will screen the films ‘No particular signs‘, ‘Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles’, ‘Pico Reja’, ‘Lamb’, ‘Josep’ and ‘Canción sin nombre’, in addition to the short film ‘Like any other site’. The shows will take place at the Aqualon Cinemas at 6:00 p.m., except on October 6, which will have a double session at 6:00 p.m. and 8,000 p.m.

The cycle will begin on September 29 with the screening of the film ‘No particular signs’ (Mexico, Spain, 2020), debut feature by director Fernanda Valadez that became one of the outstanding Ibero-American films of that year. In fact, it won the Horizontes Latinos award at the San Sebastian Festival, and the audience award at the Sundance Festival. In addition, it was one of the winners of the Ariel Awards.

On October 6, the Huelva Festival Film Club will celebrate Spanish Film Day, which is commemorated on that date throughout the country, with a double session. At 6:00 p.m. will be screened ‘Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles’ (Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, 2018), directed by Salvador Simó, a production that won the Special Jury Prize at the Annecy Festival and won the Goya for Best Animated Film and the European Film Award for Best Animated Film. Animation.

With this production, moreover, a special nod is made to the poster for the 48th edition of the Huelva Film Festival, which has Buñuel as the main protagonist and is the work of José Luis Ágreda, who was art director on that film.

Afterwards, viewers will be able to enjoy, starting at 8:00 p.m., the screening of the short film ‘Like any other (Spain, 2021)’, directed by Sergi González; and the showing of the documentary ‘Pico Reja, the truth that the earth hides’ (Spain, 2021), by Remedios Malvárez and Arturo Andújar. The short film won the Colón de Plata in the Official National Short Films section of the last edition of the Huelva Festival and the documentary, which premiered at the Seville Festival, won the Andalusian Talent Award at the Huelva Festival.

The Cine Club will continue on October 13 with the screening of the film ‘lam’ (Iceland, Poland, Sweden, 2021), directed by Vladimir Johánnsson, which won the award for Best Film and Best Actress at the Sitges Festival, and won the Award for Originality in the Festival’s ‘Un certain regard’ section from Cannes. In addition, ‘Lamb’ was awarded the European Film Award for Best Visual Effects.

On October 27, the Cine Club will continue with the screening of the animated film ‘Joseph’ (France, Belgium, Spain, 2020), directed by Aurel (stage name of Aurélien Froment), who won the Best Director Award for his work on this film at the Valladolid International Film Week (Seminci). ‘Josep’, a biography of the Catalan cartoonist and revolutionary Josep Bartolí, also won the César Award for Best Animated Film, the same category in which it also won the European Film Awards.

The Cycle Club of the Huelva Festival will conclude on November 3 with the screening of ‘Song with no name’ (Peru, Spain, USA, Switzerland, 2019), Melina León’s first film that premiered in our country at the Huelva Festival after passing through Cannes and that captivated the jury of the 45th edition of the Huelva festival, in which it won the Colón de Oro, in addition to other recognitions.

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