The Huelva estuary hosts the X Colombina Swimming Crossing

The Councilor for Citizen Participation and Sports of the Huelva City Council, Maria Teresa Flores; the provincial deputy, Bella Canales; the president of Huelva Swimming Club, Jose Maria Rodriguez; and the delegate of the Andalusian Swimming Federation, Miguel Ángel Pérez de Diego, presented today at a press conference the X Columbian Swimming Crossingwhich will be held on August 7.

The Crossing, part of the III Huelva Provincial Open Water Circuit, includes a long-distance test of 5,500 meters and a mini-crossing of 1,000 meters, with a maximum capacity for each of them of 75 participants who can register until the next August 5.

María Teresa Flores has congratulated the Huelva Swimming Club for organizing one more year “an event linked to the intense sports agenda of our Colombinas Festivals, a deeply rooted competition, which is a challenge for the swimmers who participate and which will once again offer us a great show in the Huelva estuary, between the Muelle de las Canoas and the Real Club Marítimo”.

Likewise, he has valued the work of the club and the Huelva delegation of the Swimming Federation because “thanks to their drive and determination, our athletes can continue climbing steps and reaching the top in competitions, as is the case of the swimmers Samuel Gómez, David Sánchez or Alba Vázquez”. And, in this sense, he has reiterated the commitment of the City Council to support swimming, a discipline that has greater weight every day.

Likewise, Bella Canales has highlighted the support of the Provincial Council for swimming with the launch three years ago of a circuit that brings together the main competitions of this sport in the provincial territory and that seeks to deseasonalize the holding of these tests. A circuit that will start on August 6 in Punta Umbría and will end on September 19 in Minas de Riotinto.

For his part, José María Rodríguez has given an account of the characteristics of “a very important competition, with almost 6 kilometers in length, which attracts high-level swimmers, but which also has an inclusive character through the mini-crossing.” .

Lastly, Miguel Ángel Pérez de Diego expressed the Federation’s gratitude to the Hueva City Council for giving its swimming pools to the clubs and for holding competitions throughout the year, as well as to the Provincial Council for launching this swimming circuit and, especially, to the Club Natación de Huelva for “the hard work of organizing this crossing on time”.

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