The DOP Condado participates in the UNIA Summer Courses

The PDO County Participate in the Summer Courses of the UNIA to publicize the different landscapes and their relationship with the flavors of the province of Huelva in one of the courses that will be held this summer at the La Rábida headquarters of the International University of Andalusia (UNIA). The course, under the title ‘Flavors of the County, Doñana and the Sierra’, will be held from July 11 to 14.

Manuel Infante, president of the ‘Condado de Huelva’ appellations of origin, pointed out that “once again the UNIA is committed to disseminating the exceptional landscapes that we have in the province of Huelva, such as the dehesas in the Sierra, the Doñana pine and the Condado vineyards that leave their mark, a posteriori, in great agri-food products that make Huelva gastronomy stand out”.

Infante values ​​very positively that every summer the wines of the County of Huelva are present in the UNIA program in La Rábida “because the courses in which we participate are one of those that have the greatest acceptance and attendees of the great training offer that is offer every year.

Divided into four thematic blocks, each day will take place in a different area to make the participants aware of the particularities of these landscapes with their flavors in situ. Thus, the first thematic block is entitled ‘Gastronomy and Viticulture’, which will take place on the first day at the La Rábida venue, with the inaugural conference by Almudena Villegas, from the University of Córdoba, under the motto ‘Gastronomy: cultural heritage’. Carlos Weiland, from the University of Huelva, will present the paper on ‘The cultivation of the vineyard: an approach to viticulture’. The first day will conclude with a cooking show by Xanty Elías, from the Finca Alfoliz restaurant, on ‘Sustainable, healthy and conscious cooking’.

The second block is entitled ‘Meeting between the cork sector of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park and the wine sector of the Condado’ in which the alliance between cork, wine and the environment with the products of the sierra will be analyzed and its value as a protector of the dehesa, being imparted in said region.

‘Agri-food products from the Andalusian coastal pine forests, flavors of Doñana’ is the title of the third block, with the municipality of Almonte hosting it. It will be about the pine nuts of the Doñana environment and work as a protective entity of all Doñana.

The last day will take place at the Huelva County Wine Interpretation Center, located in Bollullos par del Condado, its name being ‘Internship trip to the Huelva County region’ in which a visit to said center, where they will get to know first-hand one of the vineyards protected by the Protected Designations of Origin Condado de Huelva, vinegar from Condado de Huelva and Orange wine from Condado de Huelva. The day will conclude with a tasting of wines and vinegars by the president of said Regulatory Council, Manuel Infante, paired with chickpeas from the IGP ‘Garbanzos de Escacena’, which will collaborate on this last day.

Those interested in participating in this course can do so by registering at this address:

This course is organized in addition to the UNIA and the Regulatory Council, by the Huelva Provincial Council and its Tourist Board, by the Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park and by the Almonte City Council.

About the Designation of Origin ‘Condado de Huelva’

At present, the Protected Designations of Origin Condado de Huelva, Vinagre del Condado de Huelva and Vino Naranja del Condado de Huelva have a total vineyard of about 2,600 hectares, the white varieties being the most representative and of this the Zalema covers 83 % of the vineyard. This vineyard is found in eighteen municipalities: Almonte, Beas, Bollullos par del Condado, Bonares, Chucena, Gibraleón, Hinojos, La Palma del Condado, Lucena del Puerto, Manzanilla, Moguer, Niebla, Palos de la Frontera, Rociana del Condado, San Juan del Puerto, Trigueros, Villalba del Alcor and Villarrasa, covering twenty-one wineries and cooperatives in the region.

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