The CEIP Practices celebrates its 50th anniversary at the Casa Colón in Huelva

The CEIP Internships of the capital has celebrated its 50th anniversary with the development of an act in the auditorium of the Casa Colón, which has included various performances by the students and the presence of former colleagues, both teachers and students, as well as authorities.

To the same has come the territorial delegate for Education and SportsEstela Villalba, and the Deputy Mayor for Culture of the Huelva City Council, Daniel Mantero.

After the reception of the guests by the director Isabel Milan, they have participated in the speeches as a former student Alejandro Moreno, as a teacher Grego García and as a former director Marcelo Grande, in addition to the president of the AMPA, Alexandra Posada.

For her part, the Education delegate congratulated the organizers and participants of the event and, in particular, the teachers of the faculty “for their magnificent educational project, for their ability to face new challenges, digitalization, internationalization and attention to diversity”.

Villalba has reiterated that “the Delegation will continue to work side by side with the educational community as it has done up to now to improve the conditions of the center” and has encouraged those present “to go for another 50 years, convinced that the students” takes from its classrooms the foundations for a much better future for all”.

The deputy mayor Daniel Mantero has referred to the CEIP Practices as “a center that generation after generation has been instilling the values ​​of equality, respect, tolerance and inclusion”.

After a musical opening of piano and violin, the presentation of a commemorative video and the speeches, performances have been given by the students, with the interpretation of sevillanas by a second-year primary school student and the performance of the school choir that has premiered the new school anthem, all of them accompanied by an instrumental ensemble.

ceip practices celebrates anniversaryCEIP Internships

The CEIP Practices, located in the central area of ​​the capital, is a center with 600 students, with a training offer for both infant and primary education, along with a specific itinerary for ASD students.

It is a very active center in terms of its participation in educational plans and programs, such as the Healthy Habits School Plan, the Peace Space Plan or the Reading Promotion Plan. In addition, it works for a digital culture adapted to the needs of today’s society.

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