The British ambassador visits the Recre stadium

The Mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, accompanied the British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, who was present in the city for the dedication of the Colombians 2022 to the United Kingdom, to a visit to the Stadium and Museum of the recreational to thank the British people for the legacy of football and the Dean of Huelva.

Cruz has transferred to the ambassador and with it to the British people his gratitude because “Huelva is a land of strong passions, in which the recreational feeling transcends the conventional link between a territory and its football club, because it is something much bigger: a pride, a cultural heritage that identifies us, that is part of our history; of our personality in the present and, how could it be otherwise; also of the future, from our vocation to defend this British legacy in perpetuity”.

As the mayor has pointed out, since the mid-19th century, the English have remained in Huelva for decades, leaving a cultural imprint both in the tangible and the intangible, which survives and forms an integral part of our way of being. As a result of their customs, the coexistence and the fusion of cultures, they gave us the opportunity to meet and play cricket, golf, tennis and of course football for the first time in Spain, which quickly caught on in Huelva society, creating the «Club de Recreo» or Recreation Club, which already in 1887 and 1888 had very normalized the practice of football and which in 1889 became official as the Huelva Recreation Club.

After learning about the history of the Dean, the British ambassador was especially interested in the Seamen’s Cup, the oldest trophy kept by the Dean in his Museum, beyond the medals that the Club itself awarded to the winners of the different sporting events in the summer of 1892, on the occasion of the IV Centenary of the Discovery of America. And it is that the objective of the Seamen’s Institute was to provide entertainment, as well as training, and even shelter, to the crews that had to spend several days in port cities such as Huelva.

The British ambassador visits the stadium and the Recre Museum

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