The Board helps Valdelarco to remodel a square

The Municipality of Valdelarco has received one Board grant of almost 30,000 euros destined to remodel the Plaza Antonio Domínguezwithin the framework of aids aimed at small municipalities with depopulation problems for the improvement of facilities and public services.

The territorial delegate of Local Administration, Alfredo Martín, visited Valdelarco today, where he met with the mayor, Rafael López, to report on the granting of this aid to the council.

In total, the Andalusian Government has allocated three million euros to this line of subsidies, of which 300,813 euros have corresponded to the province of Huelva. In addition to Valdelarco, La Nava, Cumbres de Enmedio, Castaño del Robledo, Cortelazor, Cañaveral de León, Santa Ana la Real, Cabezas Rubias, Cala, Los Marines and Sanlúcar de Guadiana have benefited from this aid. .

These subsidies are granted on a competitive basis, taking into account, in addition to traditional criteria such as the unemployment rate, the municipal budget or the number of inhabitants, data linked to the risk of depopulation such as population density, demographic and vegetative growth. of the last ten years or the aging index. The maximum amount received by each municipality is 30,000 euros.

For the delegate, “the objective of this line of aid is to collaborate with local entities to offer decent infrastructure and services to their neighbors and thus contribute to establishing the population in the territory”.

He has stressed the concern of the Andalusian Government to “stop the depopulation of rural areas that, in the case of Huelva, especially affects the municipalities of the Sierra and the Andévalo region”, he defended.

Martín has already visited several of the beneficiary municipalities such as Cortelazor, Cabezas Rubias, Los Marines or Sanlúcar del Guadiana to see first-hand the projects to which they will be allocated, “some projects that the municipalities alone could not undertake given that they are small towns with very limited budgets.

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