The Atlantic Copper recycling plant will generate 350 jobs in Huelva

The mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz; and the CEO of Atlantic CopperJavier Targhetta, presented this Tuesday to the media the draft Circular. An action promoted by the company from Huelva and backed by the City hallwhich has already given Approval of the planning license for the construction of a recycling plant for electrical and electronic material in the metallurgical complex on Avenida Francisco Montenegro.

The mayor has highlighted “the enormous enthusiasm involved in presenting this initiative, not only because of its importance in the economy and employment in Huelva, but also because of what it means to start up a new sustainable industrial project in our city for a company that has been with us for 52 years and that has been in this time an example of transformation, investment, innovation and improvement in environmental conditions».

Cruz explained that the City Council has been working with the company for many months, and in collaboration with the rest of the administrations, on the part relating to the construction license for “a key plant for the production of copper through waste recycling, integrating two fundamental principles, that of innovation and that of sustainability, perfectly aligned with the SDGs».

In this regard, the mayor has announced the beginning in the coming months of the execution of “a project that represents an enormous opportunity to advance on the path of growth of the industrial sector of our city, for which we have been betting heavily from the City Council” . The sector that, according to him, “has performed better in the last two crises, the health and industrial ones, demonstrating its strength and momentum.”

For his part, Javier Targhetta thanked the City Council and the rest of the administrations for their support in being able to develop this project since it was originally planned more than three years ago, a plant that “is a paradigm of sustainability and of the circular economy because it is tries to recover scarce metals in the world, and even more so in Europe, and which are essential for sustainable development, energy transitions and electrification phenomena, with a profoundly noble purpose such as leaving future generations a better world» .

Likewise, he underlined the “innovative nature” of this plant, of which there are only eight in the world and all of them in leading countries, as well as its impact on the responsible use of natural resources, on energy saving and on the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Targhetta has advanced that the works of the plant are scheduled to start in the month of September, after completing the contracting processes, and that they be completed within a period of 24 months. Likewise, the CirCular project will involve an investment of 280 million euros and the creation of 350 jobs, between direct and indirect, as well as 250 more jobs in construction sites.

Finally, it has emphasized public and private support and collaboration to make possible the construction of a treatment plant for 60,000 tons of metallic fractions containing copper, gold, silver, palladium, platinum, tin and nickel, which contain electrical and electronic equipment in disuse.

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