The Atlantic Copper Chair of the UHU awards its prizes to the best TFG and TFM

The Classroom of the Faculty of Experimental Sciences of the University of Huelva (UHU) has welcomed the act of delivery of the third prizes for Final Degree Projects (TFG) and Final Master’s Projects (TFM) of the Chair Atlantic Copper of Huelvasome awards that recognize the best research work on circular economy, environmental excellence and efficiency of production processes.

These awards aim to encourage research into innovative ideas and projects that provide solutions to the challenges of the industry and metallurgy sector for the reduction and reuse of the use of natural resources and energy, the use of by-products, the valorization of resources and excellence. environmental. In addition, the awards also seek to open lines of research that provide solutions to increase the efficiency of industrial operations.

On this occasion, the awards for the best TFG and TFM of the Atlantic Copper Chair of the UHU have recognized six investigations related to agro-industrial by-products, the use of extremophile algae to improve acid drainage in mines or new controllers in fuel cells , in other aspects.

The event was attended by the Vice-Rector for Innovation and Employability of the University of Huelva, Isabel María Rodríguez; the general director of the Atlantic Copper Foundation, Antonio de la Vega; the dean of the Faculty of Experimental Sciences, Inés Garbayo; the director of Employment, Entrepreneurship and External Chairs of Huelva, Francisco Barba; the director of the chair, Tamara García; and the head of the Atlantic Copper R&D Group, Irene Ruiz Oria.

The vice-chancellor has highlighted the quality of the works presented and has encouraged the students to “continue on the path of research that they have now opened”, while thanking Atlantic Copper “for its firm commitment to Huelva”. In this sense, Rodríguez has highlighted the “important role” played by the External Chairs of the UHU as a means of union “with the companies in the environment” to promote “research and knowledge transfer”.

For his part, Antonio de la Vega has assured that Atlantic Copper’s relationship with Huelva “is long, consolidated and fruitful both in the present and in the future”, and has emphasized some awards that recognize the work “of some students who open lines of research that will result in a better society”.

Along these lines, the director of Employment, Entrepreneurship and External Chairs of the UHU, Francisco Barba, congratulated himself “for the enormous talent” that the Huelva students continue to show with research work “which is the result of a collective work immense”. At the same time, he thanked Atlantic Copper for its “indispensable” collaboration with the university.

The director of the Atlantic Copper Chair, Tamara García, congratulated the students for “the high quality of the work”, and stated that this third edition of the awards “represents progress in the challenges set by the chair to promote scientific-technical collaboration between the UHU and Atlantic Copper and promoting talent”.

Lastly, the head of the Atlantic Copper R&D Group, Irene Ruiz Oria, who was part of the jury, highlighted “the great quality” of the works presented, which has made the task of choose the winners, who have been differentiated “by nuances that have to do with the application on an industrial scale of their conclusions, innovation and the impact on sustainable development”.


In this way, the awards have recognized a total of four works in its line of circular economy and environmental excellence. The first prize for the Final Degree Project went to the student Rocío Martín Rodríguez, for her research ‘Valorization of agro-industrial by-products for water mediation’. The second prize, for its part, went to the TFG ‘Towards the bioremediation of acid mine drainage with extremophilic microalgae’, by Marta Peña Montes.

In this same line of research, the chair has awarded the study ‘Hydroboration of CO2 and alkynes catalyzed by dinuclear complexes of Mg and Ca’, carried out by Noelia Jiménez Sierra, as the best Master’s Thesis. The second prize was for the TFM ‘New non-aqueous emulsions of PEG4000 in silicone oil’, by Clara Delgado Sánchez.

For its part, in the research line of production process efficiency, the Atlantic Copper Chair has awarded its first prize for the Final Degree Project to the study ‘Synthesis and characterization of polytopic ligands derived from veratrol and 1,2,3-triazole for the design of polymetallic supramolecular structures’, by Patricia Porras Suárez. The second prize went to the TFM ‘Implementation of a new controller for a fuel cell’, by Daniel Suárez León. In this line of research, the prizes for the Final Degree Projects have remained deserted.

The Atlantic Copper Chair of the University of Huelva has as its basic lines of action innovation in circular economy and environmental excellence, and the efficiency of production processes, and its objective is the promotion of applied research in the field of copper metallurgy and raw materials. related technologies. To this end, it is proposed to carry out specific activities to promote research, technological development, innovation and the dissemination of scientific results, as well as the training of young researchers.

In addition, the chair supports research projects in the field of scientific-technological collaboration between the University of Huelva and Atlantic Copper and is a meeting place and channel for joint activities within the framework of master’s degrees, conferences and courses.

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