Surprised in Cartaya with 550 kilos of unripe pineapple

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The Local Police of Cartaya was seized this Thursday morning from 550 kilos of pineapple immature and has arrested and made available to the Civil Guard three people who will be investigated for an alleged crime of theft after being surprised by the agents ‘red-handed’, collecting pineapple without authorization and outside the season established for it, which begins on November 1st.

The mayor, Pepa González Bayo, and the Councilor for Citizen Security and the Environment, José Ángel Rodríguez Marcelino, have announced that the City Council has launched a comprehensive surveillance device, with the collaboration of the Local Police, the Civil Guard and the ROCA team of this body, and also the agents of the Environment and the group of local hunters, “to eradicate this illegal practice that causes so much damage to the pineapple sector.”

In this line, they have asked for citizen collaboration to detect the people who carry it out, “and who endanger the procedures for the use and maintenance of the important mass of pine forest that the town has,” González Bayo and Rodriguez Marcelino.

The Environment Department of the Consistory reminds that “pineapples cannot be harvested outside the period authorized for it, or without following the established procedure.” The harvest campaign begins on November 1, pineapple can only be collected with the authorization of the company awarded the service and this pineapple can only be taken and stored in the only pineapple plantations authorized for it, and located in Malpica, in the Lower Common Field; and in Malatao, in the Campo Comun de Arriba. The regulation, explains the Consistory, includes important sanctions for those who fail to comply with these deadlines and procedures.

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