‘Súmate’, an aid program for social projects

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The councilors of Urban Habitat and Infrastructure and of Social Policies and Equality of the Huelva City CouncilEsther Cumbrera and María José Pulido, have accompanied María Luisa Iglesias, delegate of Western Andalusia and Extremadura of Prezero Spain to support the first call for ‘Súmate‘, a aid program for NGOs and foundations that promotes the company at a national level to support social projects.

In this way, Huelva “joins” this initiative, calling Huelva NGOs and foundations to present before October 7 actions aimed at improving the living conditions of people in vulnerable situations and contributing to a more sustainable environment. It will be the employees of PreZero Spain who will choose, by voting, the projects to be financed by the company and, in the same way, they will be able to participate in them through corporate volunteering actions. Likewise, the workers of Prezero Spain will be able to contribute part of their payroll to cover these projects and the company will match the amount contributed by the employees.

Cumbreras has pointed out that “Corporate Social Responsibility should be present in the philosophy of all companies, regardless of size, sector and activity because today the company cannot dedicate itself to the mere goal of fulfilling its commitments and increasing its income statement, since which has a responsibility towards the people and the environment in which it is based” for this, the councilor congratulated Prezero Spain “for this initiative that demonstrates in this case its desire to also work on cleaning up inequalities and collecting injustices to invest where they need it most.”

For his part, Pulido pointed out that the call for Prezero Spain “reveals, once again, the results that we can achieve with the sum of efforts in favor of the solidarity. Collaboration between private companies, administrations and civil society is the key to helping the most needy families to overcome crisis situations” and in this framework he highlighted the importance of “coordinating all the city’s social resources to make the different actions profitable.” favor of families with whom we work day by day, throughout the year, from the Huelva City Council Community Services”.

In this line, he has made a call to all the Huelva NGOs and foundations that work altruistically to improve the quality of life and facilitate the integration of the most disadvantaged, so that they apply for these grants that can serve to reinforce their work.

On the other hand, the councilor has valued “the involvement of the company’s workers, because they will help them learn about and participate in social projects.”

María Luisa Iglesias has detailed that the criteria established in her Legal Bases as well as the registration form can be consulted at while for any questions you can contact the mail [email protected] He also explained that the proposals presented must respond to current social challenges through initiatives aimed at the conservation or improvement of the environment or be aimed at the social and labor insertion of groups in vulnerable situations within the framework of the fight against poverty. and exclusion in Spain.

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