Successful closure of the El Rompido festivities

The fireworks and the concert by Juanlu Montoya, on Sunday night, have closed four intense days of “joy and fun” in the broken. Especially emotional and historic was the proclamation by Rocío Guerrero Burgos, the first woman to proclaim and who officially opened the El Rompido Festival.

Accompanied on stage by the cante of Macarena de la Torre and Mariano ‘Calentura’, the town crier made a speech “by and for the Virgin and the rompiers/as, full of memories and experiences”, in which she had special mention to all the families, neighbors of El Rompido, and a heartfelt memory to those who left us in recent years, before a packed Sirens Square.

The procession of the Virgen del Carmen, on a hot Sunday afternoon, began with the departure of the patron saint of sailors on the shoulders of women, who went through the streets of the coastal town until reaching the Port of El Rompido, to cross the Ría del Piedras, accompanied by numerous boats that were waiting for her. A long-awaited reunion by neighbors and visitors.

Upon her return, the Virgen del Carmen reached the Plaza de las Sirenas amid cheers and songs, where the traditional auction of the Vara de Hermanos Mayores was held, in a very special year after two years of the pandemic and whose final auction was Germán Zunino Maestre, as a gift to his wife, who closed the bid at 9,000 euros.

Some festivities that this year have included, throughout the weekend, a wide program of recreational and festive activities, in which traditional and children’s games have not been lacking, the match of ‘singles’ against ‘married’, and the boat and sand castle contests.

The Councilor for Celebrations, Saray Oria, has especially highlighted the magnificent public reception of the performance of the group ‘Blanco y Negro’, on the alternative stage located in the park square, as well as the orchestras ‘Isayra’ and ‘La divina Orquesta ‘, which have enlivened the party nights at El Rompido.

The Municipal Dance Academy of Charo Angulo, the parades of Giants and Big Heads, accompanied by the Batukada ‘Tambores del Piedras’, performances by Super Pop Band, La Otra Banda and shows by local DJs, with Dj Magu, Dj Javier Pérez (El Pollo) and Dj Abreu, completed the program and made the neighbors and visitors enjoy themselves.

The mayor talks about the holidays

Mayor Pepa González Bayo, and the Councilor for Festivities, Saray Oria, have made a “very positive” assessment of the return of the Festivities in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, which have been “a complete success with a high influx of public in all scheduled activities.

In this sense, the mayor had words of gratitude to the crier, “a great woman, brave and an example, who has given us a wonderful proclamation and closely transmitted the feeling and pride of the break.” Likewise, the first mayor wanted to publicly acknowledge the women of El Rompido who have worked on the Sorority project to beautify the coastal area with crochet, and showed her commitment to the development, improvement and care of the town and El Rompido, “a unique place in the province of Huelva and in the whole world”.

Finally, the municipal officials have thanked the close collaboration of the Brotherhood of Carmen de El Rompido, the Red Cross, the Fire Department, the Civil Guard and the Local Police, as well as all the municipal areas involved, including Culture, Infrastructure Maintenance , Tourism and Citizen Security, for the proper functioning of the organizational and security device of the Festivities, which has been carried out without notable incidents.

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