Solar microinverter: What are they and what are the advantages of their use?

A micro inverter or microinverter It is a device installed on solar panels that are used to generate renewable energy from solar radiation. This small piece has the function of converting the direct current of one or two panels into alternating current.

Microinverters are an extension of the central inverter of the panels. These work individually each one and are capable of feeding the electrical network. Managing to enhance the operation of the panels, to make several of them work efficiently.

In addition to this, they are capable of sending information over the internet about the performance of the photovoltaic system. Which therefore allows the user to monitor the efficiency of each module independently.

Currently, these devices have advanced technology that responds to the needs present in conventional inverters. Therefore, they have become one of the most recommended alternatives to install.

How microinverters work

The solar inverter or photovoltaic, it is characterized by an installation in each solar module to convert direct current to alternating current (AC). These send the AC to the load center of the place and transmit the data to the system network.

The micro inverter is only connected to a solar panel. However, you can find duo mini-inverter models, which can be connected to two panels simultaneously.

Benefits of using a Solar Microinverter

The installation of microinverters provides several advantages to the photovoltaic equipment where they are installed.

One of the main ones is that in the event of a panel failure, whether due to an external factor such as snow, debris or others, the energy production of the entire assembly is not disproportionately reduced.

Each microinverter collects an optimized sum of energy. This, through the monitoring of maximum power for the panel(s) to which it is connected.

Plus, they’re easy to design and fit any array or array size, as well as a wide variety of panels. Therefore, they can be used in most of these equipments regardless of their characteristics.

Likewise, they are capable of eliminating or reducing the effect of shadows on the panels, which prevent the optimum performance of the solar cells. So they can optimize and improve the affinity of the energy captured by each panel.

As well as making the most of the functions of the photovoltaic solar system to avoid forced labor.

In short, installing a microinverter in the solar panel arrays of a house or company is highly convenient. With the help of this device it will be possible to maintain control over the functionality of the photovoltaic equipment.

Therefore, they also collaborate to extend the useful life of the panels. Allowing users to enjoy this electrical service for a prolonged period of time.

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