Slight decrease in registered unemployment in July in Huelva

The registered unemployment in the offices of the Public Employment Services has been reduced by 237 people, in the month of July, which means that Huelva has closed last month with a total of 48,336 job seekers.

The percentage decrease compared to the previous month is 0.49%, although if the interannual data is analyzed we find a decrease in registered unemployed of 8.79%, which in absolute terms is 4,661 fewer unemployed than in July of last year.

The most pronounced decrease in unemployment it was in the services sector, followed by the sectors of those without a previous job and industry, with decreases of 237, 89 and 60 people respectively. In agriculture and construction, unemployment rose by 98 and 51 people compared to June.

More women than men unemployed in Huelva

The percentage of unemployed men is lower than that of women: 42.32% compared to 57.67%. Unemployment of young people under 25 years of age in July is 3,877 people, 8.02% of the total provincial unemployment.

In the month of July, 24,797 contracts were formalized. Of the total of these contracts, 9,841 are indefinite (39.68%) and 14,956 are temporary (60.31%). Contracting this month has decreased by 5,526 contracts, compared to the previous month. The interannual variation is also negative, since 5,252 fewer contracts have been formalized.

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