Sánchez Tello brings to light his ‘Sonnets and Poems’

All lovers of literature now have at their disposal a new publication by the well-known poet from Huelva Manuel Sanchez Tellowho at 89 years of age has compiled many of his unpublished texts to merge them into ‘Sonnets and Poems, a bouquet of feelings’title of the work, which was presented this Wednesday, June 22, at the Fundación Caja Rural del Sur.

It’s about a book that “will open your eyes to an infinite Cosmos, where light and beauty, where everything, big and small, overflows the infinity of its greatness”, emphasizes the author, for whom this “humble” poetry tries to discover everything beauty that exists in nature, in life, in death or in “the hope of living according to a true human dimension”.

The work of this veteran poet from Huelva comes to light thanks to the coordination work of his cousin Melchor Lecumberri, a teacher from Navarra who has lived in Huelva since his youth and who for a year has been in charge of compiling these sonnets and poems that are now brought together in this bouquet of feelings.


The presentation of the book took place this Wednesday, June 22, at 8:00 p.m., at the José Luis García Palacios Cultural Center of the Caja Rural del Sur Foundation, where various musical pieces by the illustrious Huelva composer Primitivo Lázaro were also performed by through the foundation that bears his name and María Carrasco.

The event, which was presented by the professor at the University of Huelva, Francisco José Martínez, also featured the intervention of the president of the Ibero-American Academy of La Rábida, Sixto Romero, and poets such as Ramón Llanes and Augusto Thassio, among others. members of the Huelva Poets for Peace collective.

About Manuel Sanchez Tello

Born in Cumbres Mayores (Huelva) on September 25, 1932, Manuel Sánchez Tello studied Teaching in Huelva and later graduated in Philosophy and Letters from the Complutense University of Madrid, a community in which he taught for 18 years, before to be assigned to Huelva as a teacher, specifically to the La Rábida High School.

Secretary of the Ibero-American Academy of La Rábida for 27 years, Sánchez Tello published his poetic anthology ‘Leaving the soul among things’ in 1957, after which he has also published other works, including his anthologies ‘Canto Esencial’ and ‘Luces and shadows of the South’, his ‘Elegy for an Epiphany day’ or his ‘History of poetry in Huelva’, of which he is co-author together with the poet José Baena.

Likewise, together with José Manuel de Lara, Manuel Sánchez Tello maintained the radio program ‘Viaje al país de la Poesía’ on Radio Nacional and, years later, on Radio Popular, the poetry space ‘Rincón de los Sueños’, in addition to being a collaborator regular in the local press.

His last contribution to culture, before the publication of ‘Sonetos y Poemas’, was his participation, last November, in the acts of the V Centenary of the Death of Antonio de Nebrija organized in the Sevillian municipality of Lora del Río , where Sánchez Tello gave a conference entitled ‘The Classical World at the Toledo School of Translators’.

Sánchez Tello brings to light his 'Sonnets and Poems'

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