Sánchez (PP) demands in the Senate a date for access to the Chare de Lepe

The senator of PP for the province of HuelvaJosé Enrique Sánchez, has asked the Government this Tuesday to set dates for the access road to the Hospital of the West Coast of Huelva (Chare), located in Lepe.

“In Huelva we are tired of the neglect to which the socialist governments have accustomed us and, very especially, of the Government of Pedro Sánchez”, the senator told the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, to which he added that “it is not a matter of joke, although it might seem so” and explained that the West Coast Hospital has been finished for almost six years “and the access roads to it are not executed.”

Sánchez has pointed out that she was the minister of PPAna Pastor, who committed these works during her time at the head of her Ministry and «the Government of Mariano Rajoy allocated the 2.5 million euros in the 2018 budget for the first phase of the access works to the Hospital».

Reproaches to the Government of José Enrique Sánchez

“Since then we don’t know anything about anything,” he reproached the minister, after which he recalled that “they have withdrawn the necessary item of 2.4 million euros for the completion of the second phase of the 2021 and 2022 Budgets, despite the corresponding amendment to them so that said item would be contemplated.

José Enrique Sánchez has demanded a specification of deadlines “given the urgent need, so that the population residing in the region, more than 100,000 and which triples in summer, can make use of public health” and has recalled that, in April, the sub-delegate of the Government of Huelva, ratified his words saying that before the summer the works would begin.

“I don’t think I’m wrong in thinking that he again launched a smoke screen like when I asked him about the high speed between Huelva and Seville,” the senator concluded.

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