San Juan joins the call for the Youth Now program

Apart from those already underway, the city ​​hall of San Juan del Puerto will join one new initiative that promote youth employment: the Program ‘young now; It has budget items that range between 8.11% and 20% that the Andalusian Government will contribute, and between 80% and 91.89% of funds that are paid by the European Union through the Operational Program of Youth Employment (POEJ 2014-2020).

This Friday, the Mayor Rocío Cárdenas explained the purpose of this initiative with which will be carried out turban cleaning works, works and services, community revitalization, community education, administrative services, street cleaning, gardening and painting that will contribute to the maintenance, reforms or cleaning of the public roads of the municipality.

Cárdenas has assured that the City Council continues in its daily commitment to work on training and youth employment “We have achieved different actions so that our young people have more opportunities, as is the case of the Employment Workshop ‘San Juan trains‘ waves vocational training actions that are currently being successfully executed “today we announce this ‘Young Now’ plan endowed with 135,000 euros and instrumented by the Ministry of Employment, Training and Self-Employment of the Junta de Andalucía for young people between 18 and 29 years old.

Although the City Council has not yet granted it, from the municipal department the procedure has been done requesting it by presenting a youth employment project for the locality “If they grant them to us, it will give opportunities to 15 young people who will be able to have a full-time job for 6 months and with a rather interesting meaning, it is a integral program that will allow young people to develop actions to improve public and urban roads with various professions, a project that facilitates employability allowing them to be the ones to instrumentalize a community revitalization program and awareness and care of our people with the citizens” -explains the mayor.

Those people who meet the objectives and waiting for the resolution to arrive with its final approvalthe coordinator of Local Development and Employment, Gúmer Tirado, has indicated “the young people interested must go to your SAE officehave your registration demand registered and renew it from nowmust also be enrolled in the national youth guarantee system”-he underlines.

Regarding the occupation codeshas clarified that the City Council is waiting for the resolution to be definitively approved to make them known.

In case of any doubt, the municipal technicians of the Department of Local Development and Employmenteither in person by approaching the offices of the Plaza de España, will assist you in the registration process, or by telephone on 744 663 100 or email [email protected].

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