SAE Company Agents in Huelva publish 555 ads

The territorial delegate for Employment, Antonio Augustín, has announced the balance of activity generated by the attention to Business of Andalusian Employment Service in Huelva, SAEcorresponding to first half of 2022. This device, specialized in the care and support of Huelva’s productive fabric, offers all kinds of advice on human resources and labor recruitment.

In this sense, the SAE Company Agents device, made up of 24 employment technicians, is available to employers in the 13 SAE Employment Offices in the province, at the Islantilla School of Hospitality and at the Directorate Provincial, located on Avenida Manuel Siurot in the capital.

Antonio Augustín has reported that “intermediation has played a special role in this first semester, with up to 555 job advertisements being published in the SAE Virtual Office, (199 more advertisements than in the same period of 2021), with 1,113 jobs, (434 jobs more than the first half of last year) that have managed to mobilize a total of 32,161 registered candidates, subjected to the pre-selection and intermediation processes, according to the profiles requested by the companies, in addition to 9 offers managed through the Agricultural Employment Management Platform, GEA, in order to include the largest possible number of workers interested in tasks related to the strawberry and red fruit harvesting campaign.”

The six-monthly report also reveals as relevant data the more than 3,500 records in the dissemination, information and personalized advice actions of the services and measures aimed at companies, among which the related actions related to labor reform and incentives stand out. on the 2022 call for the hiring of people with disabilities, as well as the main measures decreed on work and family reconciliation. It also continues to provide information and support in the main measures aimed at companies, contemplated in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

Antonio Augustín has stated that “in recent months, the SAE Business Agents in Huelva have added up to 551 companies to their portfolio, ensuring that the information on calls for public aid and incentives for SMEs and the self-employed for the maintenance of their activity and employment, is disseminated quickly and personalized.”

A service with a public vocation

“Regarding the offer of the SAE to companies that require adequate professional profiles when recruiting personnel and covering their jobs and demand for labor, it is convenient to remember that we are talking about a service with a clear public vocation that allows us to help companies and workers with the possibility of developing professionally, at the same time contacts with businesses are intensifying in person and through business meetings with the aim of increasing the number of job offers, in fact, these numbers give a good account of the confidence generated in the companies of Huelva and our network of Agents”, declares the territorial delegate of Employment.

Complementary performances and collaborations

As a qualitative activity so far this year, the SAE Business Service has participated in the Open Days on Dual Vocational Training, at the “Don Bosco” Secondary School in Valverde del Camino, within the framework of the Collaboration Agreement with the territorial delegation of Education, in matters of orientation and employment. We must add the presence of the participation in the talk-colloquium “Work in the field in the post-covid era and effects of the labor reform”, held at the University of Huelva, held on April 6.

In this chapter, it is important to highlight the participation of the SAE in different forums and conferences, especially in relation to changes in labor contracts, models and the regulatory framework as a result of the Labor Reform Law, which has allowed attendance at talks and meetings, such as those organized by the Illustrious Association of Economists of Huelva last February, the Cooperativa Frutas de Bonares, SCA this past June or the Conference “New Labor Reform: Key Aspects and its Impact on Companies”, organized by AIQB, where the Labor Inspectorate also participated and was attended by the main chemical companies in Huelva to deal with all kinds of the most outstanding aspects of the labor reform, the new labor contracting model, collective bargaining, news regarding Temporary Labor Records Employment Regulation, as well as the Labor Inspection Plan, among other issues, generating much debate and interest in the subject s treated.

The Andalusian Employment Service continues its work of dissemination, information and advice to companies, in all those matters that have to do with the Active Employment Policies that concern it, as well as in labor relations, aid and incentives for hiring and maintenance of employment, providing close and direct support in intermediation with companies in Huelva.

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