Roundabout tribute to José Pablo Vázquez Hierro in Huelva

the mayor of HuelvaGabriel Cruz, together with Brigitte Naville, widow of the honoree, has chaired the new roundabout ‘Architect José Pablo Vázquez Hierro’ situated next to Jesus Hermida Communication Centeras the first mayor has highlighted “in an area that shows development and progress, uniting the city and looking towards the Ría, with which he was in love and which he defended becoming his main desire”.

In this way, Gabriel Cruz has remembered and praised José Pablo Vázquez Hierro “as an architect, for his professional quality; as a councilman, for his political commitment; as a person, for his human values; and as a man from Huelva in love and always willing to work for Huelva”

The labeling of this roundabout becomes an opportunity to remember José Pablo Vázquez Hierro, “a man always involved with Huelva, with its architecture and with its social life; intellectual, sensitive, dialoguing and committed”. In this way, his family, colleagues and friends, but also the City Council and Huelva society, “we pay tribute to a great man, with a professional and human career that has left more than a mark, a legacy in the city that today recognize and thank”.

For her part, Brigitte Naville, widow of the honoree, thanked “the place chosen to baptize this roundabout linking the city with the Ría, for which José Pablo fought to recover in its entirety for all Huelva residents, a wish that Let’s hope it becomes a reality soon.”

The Huelva City Council awarded this distinction to José Pablo Vázquez Hierro in January 2017, at the Huelva Day event, after his death on August 26, 2013.

A roundabout in Huelva pays tribute to José Pablo Vázquez Hierro A roundabout in Huelva pays tribute to José Pablo Vázquez Hierro A roundabout in Huelva pays tribute to José Pablo Vázquez Hierro

About Jose Pablo Vazquez Hierro

Founder of the group Table of the Ría de Huelva and spokesman councilor for the same in the Huelva City Council, José Pablo Vázquez was one of the main promoters of this citizen group created in the early 2000s that later became a political formation. In the municipal elections of 2011, in which Mesa de la Ría ran for the Mayor’s Office in Huelva for the first time, the formation obtained a councilor, José Pablo Vázquez holding the position from June 2011 until his death in August 2013.

He was the first dean of the architects of Huelva, because until then, Huelva belonged to the Deanship of Seville. He was dean between 2001 and 2006, overcoming the challenge of setting up the Official College of Architects of Huelva and consolidating it within the social and cultural life of Huelva. In addition, in his capacity as dean, he was the representative of this College in the Andalusian Council of Official Colleges of Architects, as well as in the Superior Council of the Colleges of Architects of Spain.

With an extensive career as an architect, his legacy remains throughout the province. In Huelva capital, between 1982 and 1983 he worked as Municipal Architect in the City Hall. In addition, privately or on behalf of the different administrations, he made the proposal for the Organization of the Zafra area, which included the park; the Partial Plan for Sector 1-A, in the area of ​​Molino de la Vega or the Study on the management of current planning in the municipality of Huelva.

As for specific spaces in the capital of Huelva, we can mention the Plazas de Andalucía, Los Templetes and Los Olivos in the neighborhood of La Orden, a group of 46 homes and premises in the Polígono San Sebastián, some sports facilities and changing rooms in the Molino de la Vega, or the expansion of the Telephone Exchange on Calle Puerto.

Some of the most significant buildings designed by José Pablo Vázquez Hierro in Huelva capital are the Service Stations on Avenida Italia, Avenida Andalucía and La Orden, and he was also the author of the Edinburgh building, located in Plaza Niña, built in 1989. , a place that also had a special role in the Huelva Architecture Awards.

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