Results of the Columbus Nautical Week 2022

These are the results of the Colombian International Nautical Week 2022, after a spectacular weekend in the Royal Maritime Club of Huelvawith the development of the three events, with a great attendance of participants and the public, which gave a fantastic enhancement and showiness to the facilities and to the Nautical Week throughout the weekend.


As announced, this past weekend, the XLIV edition of the Ciudad de Huelva Sailing Regatta of the Optimist class was held, a competition registered within the program of events and sports activities of the XLVIII Columbus International Nautical Week 2022, qualifying on Saturday and final on Sunday, both in the afternoon, with a very large influx of public and participants that gave it a lot of prominence and raised the prestige of this classic nautical regatta, not in vain it is the XLIV edition and that year after year, maintains the expectation among all the participants and the public attended by many factors but fundamentally by the tradition and cache that it treasures within the community of sailors not only in Andalusia, but also internationally.

With the full program of tests carried out, the ???? ?????? ???????????? ?????? ?? ?????? you already have your winners.

A weekend where more than 75 participants have given everything to choose to climb to the top of the podium.

On Saturday, 3 tests were carried out with a wind from the SW, later shifting to W and with an intensity of about 8/10 knots. The 3 tests planned for the day were completed, both for the OPTIMIST class and for the ILCA class.

On Sunday the wind dropped and the Delta flag could not be raised until 1:00 p.m., 45 minutes later than scheduled. The wind settled at about 7/9 knots, making the regatta field very technical, due to the strong current.

In the Optimist class, the largest, with 57 registered, the winner in the Sub16 category was Sergio Mancera from the Sailing School Real Club Marítimo y Tenis de Punta Umbría, in second place Fernando Medel and in third place Pablo Delgado, both from the Club Náutico Sevilla. The first classified was Mar Infantes from the Sailing School Real Club Marítimo y Tenis de Punta Umbría.

In the Sub13 category, Vicente Costa from Clube Naval Portimão was the winner, in second place went to the sailor from the same club, Alfonso Vita, and closing the podium was the sailor from the Escuela Vela Club Deportivo Náutico Punta Umbría, Carla Atenciano. The best classified in Sub11 was for the sailor Mª de las Mercedes of the Club Náutico De Sevilla.

The sailors of the Real Club Marítimo de Huelva were classified as follows: Nacho Cárdenas Delgado 8th, María Vargas García 16 and Pelayo Rosa Rivera 19 in Sub13, Iker Cárdenas Delgado 3rd, Raúl Ortiz Asencio 9th in Sub11 and Lucia Vargas in the Sub16 category. García took 13th place and Elena López Caro 14th. In the ILCA7 category, the victory went to Luis Fdez. de Retana of the Real Club Marítimo de Huelva, who had a tough fight with Rafa Fdez. de Córdoba, also from Real Club Marítimo de Huelva, the podium at ILCA6 went to Tiago Marques, Nuno Figenschou and Pablo Santos, all from the Olhão Naval Group. Javier Mera qualified in 6th place and Teresa Contreras Estalella in 8th place, both from the Real Club Marítimo de Huelva

In ILCA4 the winner was the sailor from the Escuela Vela Club Deportivo Náutico Punta Umbría Iván Vides, second place went to Teresa Figenschou and third place to Benicio Pereira, both from the Olhão Naval Group.

Congratulations to all the winners and congratulate all the participants for making this 44th edition of the ?????? ???????????? ?????? ?? ??????, has been a success.

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On Saturday, July 30, the fishing contest was held in the “anchored boat” variant in the area planned and authorized by the competent bodies of the mouth of the Tinto and Odiel, with twenty participating boats.

The first classified in the different competitions were:


1º.- Jose Mª Glez. Antunez and Antonio Antunez Garcia

2º.- Juan Carlos Palomeque Piola and Antonia Fdez. Gómez

3º.- Miguel Angel Delgado Hdez. and Antonio Martinez Rguez.


The contest of bottom fishing and corcheo from pontoons, took place on Sunday 31, with approximately twenty participants, where they showed their skills as fishermen. The first rankings were:


1º.- Miguel Angel Delgado Hernández

2nd.- Antonio Antunez Garcia.

3rd.- Antonio Jose Martinez Rodriguez.



1st.- Encarnacion Garcia Medrano.

2nd.- Maica Márquez Garcia.


1º.- Pablo Serrano Márquez

2º.- Jose Maria Serrano Márquez


1º.- Sofía Álvarez Mariscal


1º.- Luis Hernández Jiménez

2nd.- David Bernal Salvador

3º.- Jorge Eduardo Cabello

The prizes of the fishing contests will be delivered on the night of August 3 in the preamble to the closing of the International Columbus Boat Week in the booth of the club of the Columbian enclosure.

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