Residents of Huerto Paco demand free parking

More than a hundred neighbors and neighbors of the orchard neighborhood have gathered this Wednesday morning at the gates of the Huelva City Council to continue claiming “maintenance of a free public car park” in this enclave of Huelva’s capital. The concentration has taken place, while the ordinary plenary session corresponding to the month of July was being held.

The local coordinating spokesperson for United Left and spokesperson for UP in the Huelva City Council, Mónica Rossi, has not been able to participate in person at this Plenary for health reasons. For this reason, together with the concentrated neighbors, the IU provincial coordinator in Huelva, Marcos Toti, has been together with more members of the organization, “supporting them, as we have done since they contacted IU to alert us of the fence of the car park”, explains Toti.

Toti together with the neighborhood spokesperson, Pilar Silvo, have reported during this mobilization on the measures and steps being taken by the neighborhood platform set up to defend the conservation of free parking and free use. In this sense, Toti explained that last Monday a neighborhood representation was convened by the Councilor for Urban Planning, who informed them that the City Council had requested the different owners of the plots that make up the Huerto Paco parking area to proceed to clean it. However, one of the owners proceeded on July 5 to fence the entire perimeter of the car park, without having municipal permission to do so.

This has motivated the opening of a municipal file. Marcos Toti also participated in this meeting, representing IU. There, Toti called for the cessation of all works on the affected plots and presented alternatives and solutions that “the City Council can carry out to keep parking free.”

The parking area, in which vehicles have been able to park for a few days, is subject to an Urban Execution Zone, as established by the PGOU of the city of Huelva. In these plots it is not planned that any private parking can be installed, but homes, according to what the Councilor for Urban Planning, Manuel Gómez, explained last Monday to the neighborhood representatives. The same thing was reiterated today by Gómez himself in the municipal plenary, when responding to a question asked by Mónica Rossi on this controversial issue.

The neighborhood of Huerto Paco, organized in the Neighborhood Platform that represents them, is willing to maintain its mobilizations so that “we never lose” the bag of parking spaces that this neighborhood has had for more than twenty years and that has a capacity of up to 400 vehicles. The neighborhood spokeswoman, Pilar Silvo, states that “we will continue to demand that the City Council put a solution on the table so that we never see each other without these free parking spaces, essential for the people of our neighborhood.”

In this sense, the mayor of Huelva has promised the neighbors to hold a new meeting soon, in which “we will once again ask for alternatives and solutions so that free and public parking spaces are not lost”, adds Toti.

Most of the plots where the residents of Huerto Paco park their vehicles are currently privately owned, although there is a part of municipal property, although due to its small size it lacks the capacity to cover the existing demand for parking in this neighbourhood. Toti specifies that “it is a working-class neighborhood, whose families have to use their own cars every day to go to work and travel for other reasons”, in the absence of public transport alternatives, both urban and from Huelva to other municipalities that drag the province of Huelva.

Residents of Huerto Paco demand free parking

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