Residents of Higueral, desperate in the face of insecurity

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The Platform of Collectives the higueral has issued a press release showing how desperate the residents of this Huelva neighborhood capital, given the insecurity that exists in this area.

“From the El Higueral Collectives Platform we want to show our outrage at the escalation of insecurity experienced in our neighborhood in recent days,” the note indicates, explaining next that “in the early hours of Saturday, September 17, there was a persecution police station on Sainete street where, according to witnesses, several shots were fired.

On the other hand, last Tuesday, September 20, around noon, the owners of the tobacco shop on Cabezas Rubias street suffered a violent robbery at knifepoint.

These events, although more serious than previous ones, are two more episodes among many others produced by the climate of insecurity that the neighborhood has suffered since the appearance of two “narco-blocks” on El Almendro street: two abandoned housing blocks in which They have installed a significant number of people who are dedicated to the sale and consumption of drugs.

climate of insecurity

This has created a climate of insecurity in the neighborhood that has led to robberies, destruction, intimidation and the episode that occurred last Tuesday.

For quite some time we have been denouncing this situation, with two meetings included with Mayor Gabriel Cruz and several members of the government team of the Huelva City Council, being able to show them first-hand the situation in that area. however, the situation, far from improving, has worsened.

We fear that this difficult situation could lead to violent reactions and situations in which people decide to take justice into their own hands, something that we hope will never happen, given that our people have always set a great example of responsibility.

For all these reasons, we demand that the Huelva City Council, those who hold the ownership of these blocks and all the competent entities and bodies, be aware of the desperation of the neighborhood and commit themselves, once and for all, to providing a definitive solution. to the situation that the neighbors of El Higueral have been suffering for some time.

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