Recreativo come back in Cartaya in their second test (1-2)


AD Cartaya-Recreativo de Huelva.

The Recreational Huelva He played his second preseason game this Saturday and he did it against the AD Cartaya, opponent last season. The Albiazul team, which went into the break with a narrow defeat after Juanma Galán’s early goal in the 10th minute, was able to turn the score around in the second half, thanks to goals from Adrián Crespo in the 47th minute. header and ten minutes later also a header from Diawara coming out of a corner.

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Ball disputed between cartayeros and albiazules.

Recre started this time with Rubén Gálvez, Juanjo Mateo, Manu Galán, Pablo Gallardo, Perotti, Juanito, Arjona, Rubén Serrano, Peter, Caio and Juan Delgado, while AD Cartaya started with Parras, Novoa, Pepe, Álex, Francis, Migue, Juanma Galán, Cabeza, Lolo, Marcos and Alfie.

Very soon the red team would take the lead on the scoreboard, since in the 10th minute, Junama Galán, who is on loan from Recre to the cartayero team, took advantage of a center from the left to send it to the back of the net. The Dean had to come back and Juan Delgado had two clear chances, with a shot that was grazing the post and another shot that Parras took from him when he was already in.


Peter trying to speed away.

After the break, Abel Gómez made up to eight changes and brought on Victores, Crespo, Cancelo, Pata, Enric, Alex Moreno, Morillo and Diawara, while only Rubén Serrano, Juanito and Peter remained in the first half. And as soon as the second half began, the Dean equalized with a shot off a Crespo corner in minute 47, only to repeat the play ten minutes later and in this case, Diawara shot into the back of the net and turned the score around.

In the second half, the Dean was far superior to AD Cartaya and Víctor Morillo and Diawara were able to widen the gap, but Camacho was successful and sent two shots to a corner already in the final stretch of the match.

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