Pyromusical show to say goodbye to the Colombinas

The 2022 Colombine Festivals have said goodbye with an original pyromusical show, which has lasted 20 minutes and has been followed from the entire Paseo de la Ría thanks to the sound system of the 1,000 meters of the area.

It has been an impressive show that has put an end to some Colombinas who returned after two years and who have had a great response from the people of Huelva.

Nail parties that have been an authentic Music Festivalwith two stages, for the first time, and different bars, to concentrate the public and not have to move to enjoy the sequenced concerts, one after another.

More than 20 top-level concerts have taken place, with figures such as Texas, Rayden, Fangoria, Ana Guerra, Nil Moliner, Coque Malla, Ángelus Apátrida, Kid Andersen, Argentina, Nancys Rubias, Ladilla Rusa, Lokoplaya, Aurora & The Betrayers, to cover all styles, all tastes, under the common denominator of turning music into a public service for the city and favoring our artists, the talent from Huelva with Waltrapa, Eiden, Los Activos or Cenizas del Edén.

In addition, the performances have been diversified in the Municipal Booth, with La Moni, Los Marismeños, Regina, La Cubanía, Alfonso Sánchez and Domingo Manguara.

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