Punta Umbría renews its collaboration with the ARO association

The City Council of Umbria Point has renewed its collaboration agreement with the Huelva Rehabilitated Alcoholics Association (RING)-Doctor Cristóbal Gangoso Aragón of the locality.

The mayor of the town, Aurora Águedo, has signed a document “to continue supporting ARO’s work in terms of care and assistance for families in the municipality with drug dependency and addiction problems.”

The association, represented in the signature by Manuel Darriba Álvarez, has shown its satisfaction with the contribution and help from the Consistory with which to develop prevention activities.

Punta Umbría shows its congratulations

Both the mayor of Punta Umbría, and the councilor for Social Services, Valentina Esteban, have congratulated ARO for the “excellent work they carry out”. It is one of the most important self-help associations “that we have, not only at the local level, but also at the provincial level”.

Punta Umbría collaboration association ARO

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