Puerto and Seabery reinforce their alliance for technological development

The president of Port of HuelvaPilar Miranda, has visited the company’s facilities Seabery Solutions SLa plant for the assembly and production of computer and electronic components, located in the Polígono Pesquero Norte in the Huelva port service area.

The Board of Directors of the Huelva Port Authority has granted a five-year extension of the administrative concession for this space, initially granted for ten years in 2012.

During the visit, the president of the Port of Huelva held a meeting with the president and founder of Seabery Soluciones SL, Basilio Marquínez, who informed her of the company’s growth prospects, which received the award at the beginning of this year SME of the Year 2021, awarded by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Banco Santander Spain.

Pilar Miranda congratulated the company for its activity and commitment to innovation, through the development of R&D&I projects focused on the application of Augmented Reality (AR) to the education and training of professionals, such as the development of a solution for welding training.

In this context, Miranda has stated that “in the Port of Huelva we want to continue growing and for this, it is essential to establish synergies with the companies of the port community for the benefit of the entire productive fabric of the province. For this reason, we have visited the company Seabery Soluciones to reinforce our alliance and be able to promote technological development”.

On behalf of the Port of Huelva, the director of the Huelva Port Authority, Ignacio Álvarez-Ossorio, and the head of the Port Public Domain, César Vera, also attended the visit.

On this visit, the president of the Port of Huelva has been accompanied by Basilio Marquínez who has shown her the entire production process that takes place in the facilities, “we are very proud to manufacture in Huelva a pioneering educational solution in the world and distribute it in more than 80 countries”, commented Basilio Marquínez.

Puerto and Seabery reinforce their alliance for technological development

The president of the Port visits Seabery.

About Seaberry

Seabery Augmented Technology is the world leader in simulated welding educational solutions, powered by augmented reality technology. Seabery aspires to evolve and drive educational institutions and industry sectors away from traditional educational models towards safe, effective and efficient digitized training methods to prepare the skilled workforce of the 21st .

The training methodology of Soldamatic It is currently applied in more than 80 countries, both in the educational and industrial fields. Driven by the system itself Hyperreal-SIMTMSoldamatic training provides a multi-sensory experience and the most realistic welding training other than actual welding.

Soldamatic has been awarded as The Best Application of Augmented Reality in Education in the Auggie AwardsSilicon Valley, Calif., 2017. Seabery Augmented Training was awarded the Best Spanish SME of the Year award by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in 2021.

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