Public employees have lost 20% of purchasing power

Public employees have lost 20% of purchasing power, as denounced by the union CSIFwhich is also mobilized to stop the deterioration of their working conditions.

a hundred of public employees of Huelva, mobilized by the Provincial Union of CSIF, have participated in today’s concentration before the Delegation of the Government of Spain in Andalusia so that “the work of this group is dignified and quality public services can be provided to citizens”
June 22, 2022

Andalusian public employees, including a hundred from the province of Huelva mobilized by the Provincial Union of CSIF, have gathered today before the Delegation of the Government of Spain in Andalusia in defense of this group and with the aim of stopping the deterioration of their working conditions. This has been revealed during the protest, convened by CSIF at the national level simultaneously in all communities, in which it has been recalled that public sector personnel have accumulated a loss of purchasing power of almost 20% since 2010.

This mobilization aims to achieve “that the Ministry of Finance and Public Function sit down to negotiate a schedule for a fair salary increase that implies recovering the devaluation in the payroll of public servants for more than a decade”, as explained from CSIF.

This union, as the most representative union force in public administrations, has made visible through this mobilization “the deterioration of the working conditions and remuneration of public employees” and has demanded “that the provision of quality public services be made possible to the citizenship”.

Under the slogan “For the dignity of the work of public employees and the defense of collective bargaining”, the union continues the mobilizations that already began on May 25 at the provincial level with the aim of “ensuring that public servants are paid decent wages that correspond to the reality we live in and the current economic situation, putting an end to this loss of purchasing power and establishing the appropriate mechanisms so that it does not happen again in the future”.

Brutal inflation that also suffers public sector personnel

“Given the accumulated loss of purchasing power, the uncertain situation of the economy, the brutal inflation and its consequences in the shopping basket, it is urgent that the central government sit down to negotiate now,” the union has argued. In Andalusia there are more than half a million workers at the service of the different public administrations, more than 33,000 in the province of Huelva.

Along with the loss of purchasing power, another of the problems that affects public employees is the high temporary nature of employment in the Public Administrations, as well as the aging of the workforce derived from the insufficient public employment offers, which makes it necessary to generational renewal.

public employees purchasing power public employees purchasing power

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