Provincial Council shows the advantages of the arbitration system

The Consumption Unit of the Huelva Provincial Council has maintained during these various days work meetings in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche with the aim of publicizing the numerous advantages that companies and consumers has adherence to consumer arbitration system. Specifically, technicians from the Unit have traveled to The Marines and Senior Summits where they have met with representatives of the Consumer Information Points of the Sierra and with mayors and councilors responsible for consumption.

In Los Marines, with the presence of the territorial deputy of the Sierra, Silvia Durán, the mayor of the town, Israel Arias, as well as the Consumption Coordinator, Rogelio Pinto, a meeting was held with representatives of the Consumer Information Points (PIC) of the Sierra and councilors responsible for consumption, in order to launch a campaign among the companies of the Sierra to adhere to the consumer arbitration system.

The guarantee of the success of this extrajudicial conflict resolution system is that the companies are adhered to and in the event of a claim, the procedure is initiated and the claim is resolved in the Huelva Provincial Consumer Arbitration Board quickly and free of charge for the parties. .

In addition to avoiding long and costly lawsuits, adherence to the Consumer Arbitration System has, among its advantages for companies, the incorporation of an additional element of quality to its products and services; offer consumers a plus guarantee on their purchases; strengthen customer confidence in the company; as well as the inclusion in the census of adhered companies and easily identified by consumers through the Huelva Provincial Council website.

In Cumbres Mayores, its mayor, Manuel González Marín, and the person in charge of the PIC in the municipality, Encarnación Moreno, informed the regional deputy of the Sierra of the main consumer issues that have come to the office, as well as the campaigns that the Diputación are starting up as Responsible Consumption where the importance of complying with the rule of the 3 Rs is disclosed: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, with the distribution of reusable bags with the motto ‘I consume responsibly in my town ‘.

Through the PICs, consumer actions are transferred to the most remote towns in the province, with special emphasis on rural Huelva. In addition, educational activities and programs in the field of consumption are promoted, influencing the social, administrative and business fabric of the province.

This permanent and direct contact with the town councils through feedback processes will provide the necessary coverage so that the benefits of the Consumer Unit evolve in accordance with the real needs of the population, drawing from consumer complaints -especially those made about goods, products and services of ordinary and generalized common use – the possible failures and deficiencies, giving transfer of the same to the competent organisms.

The PICs and their development as part of the Consumption Unit are framed within the Sustainable Development Goals that set the Huelva Provincial Council’s agenda for the coming years, specifically emphasizing SDG 12 -Responsible Production and Consumption-.

The Consumer Unit makes known in the Sierra the advantages of the arbitration system

The Marines.

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