Provincial Council invests more than 10 million in roads in the province

The Huelva Provincial Council will invest this year more than ten million euros in the improvement and conservation of its network of roads. To the seven million euros contemplated in the budget of the provincial body for the year 2022, the more than three million euros approved in a modification of credits, in the plenary session of the Diputación, are also added. The president of the Diputación, María Eugenia Limón, today visited the completion of two of these works contemplated for this exercise. Specifically, the roads that join the National 435 with the hermitage of Santa Eulalia (Almonaster la Real) and with Fuente de la Corcha (Beas).

Limón, accompanied by the deputy responsible for Roads, Rosa Tirador, and the mayors of Almonaster la Real and Beas, Jacinto Vázquez and Diego Lorenzo Becerril, respectively, visited the completion of these two actions, included in the Investment Plan for provincial roads by the Demographic Challenge of the Diputación de Huelva and that have had an approximate investment of 720,000 euros.

For the president of the Diputación, with these actions “we continue to preserve and maintain our Road Network in perfect condition because it represents a social and territorial structure that guarantees that citizens can access basic services such as health or education. By improving communications in our villages, we are fighting against depopulation, which is one of the main lines of work that we carry out from the provincial body”.

Limón has indicated that 720,000 euros have been invested in these two roads, in addition to the three million euros that the Provincial Council has spent in this budget on the maintenance of provincial roads, which “are focused on the three regions with which we have been working by the Demographic Challenge such as the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche, the Andévalo and the Mining Basin. To this we must add the three million euros of a budget modification for new projects that we are going to start in the coming months. In addition to 2.5 million from the Tariquejos and Encinasola highways. In total, we are going to invest 10 million euros this year in roads”

According to Limón, “the goal is for our roads to be safe and accessible to all citizens. With these two investments we contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to which the Huelva Provincial Council is committed”.

In the municipality of Almonaster la Real, the pavement has been reinforced on the provincial road HU-7103, which runs from the N-435 to the hermitage of Santa Eulalia. With an approximate investment of 220,000 euros, work has been done on the six kilometers of this road.

For the mayor of Almonaster la Real, Jacinto Vázquez, it is a highly demanded action both by the residents of the farms that run along this road and by the Mother Brotherhood of Santa Eulalia. Vázquez thanked the Diputación “for the speed with which he has undertaken this work since we raised the problem with him”.

On the other hand, the adaptation of the existing platform and paving of the provincial road HU-3103, which goes from the N-435 to Fuente de la Corcha (Beas), has been carried out. With an approximate investment of 500,000 euros, work has been done on the 5.5 km section, highly demanded by the residents of this village of Beas.

The mayor of Beas, Diego Lorenzo Becerril, has assured that “the Huelva Provincial Council is the Provincial Council that most believes in municipalism and its president is always attentive to the demands of the mayors of the province, who are not, if not the demands of the neighbors and neighbors. With this action we gain in security, in time and the rural world is fixed to the territory”.

These actions are linked to the 2030 Agenda and the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the province of Huelva by the Diputación. The 2030 Agenda and the National Strategy for the Demographic Challenge are two perspectives of the same country project. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are met if there is territorial cohesion, and the Demographic Challenge is faced by working, in the medium and long term, on compliance with the SDGs.

Provincial Council invests more than 10 million in roads in the province

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